written by Wanda

Taylor Momsen In See Through Dress

When I first loaded these pictures, I was shocked. Taylor Momsen wearing an actual dress – and not a black one at that. I was impressed. Then I scrolled down and saw the whole see through thing and the hauling the hem up around her waist and realized that dress or not, Miss Momsen is still Miss Momsen. Even in a see through dress, Taylor finds a way to make things even more trashy. I’m done giving her a hard time about it though. Trashy is just sort of her thing. Here in Amsterdam live with her band ‘The Pretty Reckless’, Taylor seems to really be at home on stage. Considering her acting and modeling careers have seen better days, it’s a good thing she has music going for her. I like Taylor and I’m hoping she has a bright future ahead of her even if I’m not really counting on it.


  • That’s not a dress, is it? It looks more like a petticoat to me. But yes, at least she’s wearing yellow, or is it cream? And at least she has something on underneath the dress-petticoat-whatever covering her modesty. Some female celebs would have worn less underneath. Sad, but true.

    I’ve never actually heard Taylor sing. Is she any good?

  • Those trashy clothes will only get her so far. I have never heard her sing but people will tire of the fact that she looks pretty skanky in them. Trashy is so right. I mean come one, if you have to dress like that you must not be the best singer.


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