written by Wanda

Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Out For A Jog In LA

Courtney Stodden really makes me feel sick to my stomach. She’s a beautiful girl who could probably do something real with her life. Instead, at only 16 years old she’s chosen to get married to a man almost forty years older than her. I have tried really hard to stay non-judgmental about this whole thing but every time I see pictures of her out flaunting her teenage body, I get more and more skeezed out. Is there really no one in her life willing to step in here? Every picture of her is so hyper-sexualized. It’s disgusting. I guess that’s what people want though. As long as people want to see pictures like these, pictures like these will keep emerging. What an incredible shame. Even so, I have to admit they’re a step up from the Santa pictures from a few weeks back.


  • She’s going to grow old way before her time and end up looking older than her husband (if they stay together that long). I’m trying to reason here by telling myself it’s a free world. She’s very young, but she’s 16. Her mother’s behind her, so there’s nothing much anyone can do. But then I’m thinking “four years ago, she was 12” and it just feels wrong.

    • I hadn’t even considered the four years ago she was twelve angle. That does make the whole thing feel even more wrong. I’m with you on the “it’s a free world” thing but at the same time, it’s just hard to look at this objectively. The thing that makes me really sad is that she’s a beautiful girl without all that makeup on. I don’t get why she feels the need to cake it on like that.

  • What in the hell has Courtney done to her dog? Oh loooord.

    She has a PETA t-shirt on, so I’m hoping the dye she used on the poor dog was animal friendly.

    Her and her husband’s body language towards each other don’t look that great to me.

    • I was thinking the same thing about her dog. I was going to mention it in the post but there were just so many other things wrong with these pictures it must’ve slipped my mind. I know there is animal friendly dye out there but what in the world is wrong with letting a dog just look like a dog. It seems to be well cared for but you know all the other dogs make fun of it at the park.

  • lol! Who goes for a jog in heels? hahaha What a bankrupt person. Magic 8-ball….what do you see? Response: Drugs and porn…by the truckload.

    • Not entirely sure about the porn, but I’d say drugs are a given if they’re not already in play. It’s a shame. She’s a beautiful girl but no matter what she does now, she’ll always be remembered as the “Teen Bride”.

  • I get the reason why she feels she needs to cake it on: insecurity, lack of self esteem, need for approval/attention, need to please. I’m not saying all teenagers are insecure, but it’s natural for them to want to search for their identity and their place in the world.

  • I fear that one day, shit will hit the proverbial fan for her, that things will come crashing down. What I hope is that with all that money she has, she has a therapist that she talks to every week, not her mom, but a therapist, and a good one.

  • Courtney is a gift to the men of this world. Incredibly hot and knows how to work it. Nothing is more important than being hot as hell and shaking your money maker. The new Pamela Anderson of immensely hot, young, sexual blondes. The hottest thing about her is she wears those sexy platform heels everywhere she goes. If she were my girl I’d encourage her to never take a step (or nap) without them.

  • She Smells.