written by Ann

Tila Tequila In Bikini Pictures

Tila Tequila was beautiful in her photoshoot at the beach in LA. Her pink plaid pattern bikini top was tiny and her assets threatened to spill out. That was the idea in getting her to move about in a sporty fashion shoot. The model would be showing more in a natural way. Tila was slim, sexy and seductive. There was something alluring in the way she posed with her legs apart. I like her leopard print bikini pictures too.

Tila Tequila bikini

Tila Tequila photoshoot bikini top sporty girl sexy legs fashion shoot Tila Tequila 6.jpg Tila Tequila 7.jpg Tila Tequila 8.jpg Tila Tequila 9.jpg Tila Tequila 10.jpg Tila Tequila 11.jpg Tila Tequila 12.jpg Tila Tequila 13.jpg Tila Tequila 14.jpg Tila Tequila 15.jpg Tila Tequila 16.jpg Tila Tequila 17.jpg Tila Tequila 18.jpg Tila Tequila 19.jpg Tila Tequila 20.jpg Tila Tequila 21.jpg Tila Tequila 22.jpg leopard bikini


  • Do we have perfect body here?

  • naah, rather a great photoshop.

  • she’s fit and slim, more in a man way!haha, seriously, heard she’s secretly dating on but it seemed she’s not that popular as many people expected to be!!! hope she’ll be ok with the result! no country for old womem!LOL

  • dammm

  • Dave you are a hater. She has a sick body. In fact, we seem to have the same proportions. I’m 5’0, and fit in every way just like that, except everything about me is tiny including my boobies. If she was naked in front of you, you’d fuck her so shutup!