written by Ann

Traci Bingham Braless

Traci Bingham was braless as she slapped on some casual clothes to take out her trash. Bingham showed off big, beautiful jugs as she lugged her heavy bin out to the corner. Her youthful looks and energetic run with her puppies and trash outside benefitted the paparazzi lying in wait in the bushes. Bingham is fishing for votes for herself in “Gimme My Reality Show.” May the best boobs win and good luck to her!

Traci Bingham

trash Traci Bingham 3.jpg braless beautiful jugs Traci Bingham is sexy Traci Bingham in green Gimme My Reality Show Traci Bingham 9.jpg


  • Damn! I’ve been praying for shots like this!

  • pow, damn she fine

  • that is an unreal rack she has, super sexy lady