written by irene

Tricia Helfer Needs A 9

Former model and Canadian actress Tricia Helfer needs a 9 to complete her! Why a 9? Because Tricia’s best known for her role as “Number Six” in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica miniseries and television series. Get it? 6 and 9? Now before you proceed to the other photos (where one features Tricia topless and giving that nasty, enticing look), let me tell you first that sexy Tricia Helfer was born and raised in the rural community of Donalda in Stettler County, Alberta. Okay, I know you don’t care. Go and check out the other photos now. Have fun staring!

Tricia Helfer

Number Six Battlestar Galactica Tricia Helfer in underwear Tricia Helfer posing Tricia Helfer 6.jpg blonde


  • Tricia looks terrific.

  • she is gorgeous