written by Wanda

Vanessa Hudgens And Brittany Snow Hit The Town

Vanessa Hudgens and Brittany Snow headed out to Boa Steakhouse looking lovely. I know I can be a little rough on Vanessa sometimes, but who can really hate on a gorgeous girl that dresses up and hits the town with her also gorgeous friend in search of a little meat? Sometimes these stories just write themselves, don’t they? Anyway, I’m warming up to the idea of Vanessa a little more every time we see her. She might not be quite what she portrays to the public, but these days, who really is? I guess I can’t really be mad at her for that. As far as Brittany goes… well, I really don’t have much of an opinion about her either way. She’s a very pretty girl, but I don’t find anything about her overly special. She’s a pretty blond in a sea of pretty blonds. Her Twitter feed is good for some laughs, though.


  • I am loving her!

  • You know what’s funny here, Wanda? Look at the legs on the girl(grey dress) in the shot that’s not with them. MUCH nicer than BS. Lol. Though I understand she’s not a very nice girl, I do think VH is cute, physically…

  • I think Vanessa is gorgeous. I agree about the girl in the grey dress. I feel like I should know her from something, but I can’t figure out what. No idea who she is, but overall, I actually find her more attractive than Brittany, body wise and face wise. There’s always been something about Brittany’s face (as mean as this sounds) that I really don’t like. She reminds me a bit of Tara Reid, actually.