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Vanessa Hudgens In Hot, Rocker Chick Gear

Vanessa Hudgens was dressed in hot rocker chick gear as she sang her way into the hearts of her fans at the Alabama Adventure Theme Park in Bessemer, Alabama, on Friday, August 1, 2008. This was her second solo performance of her standalone tour. Hudgens sang new songs from her album, Identified. This album is out in the stores in the US. The best of her Identified would be her lead single, Sneakernight. Please let us know if you have a different favorite from Identified.

Vanessa Hudgens

hot Vanessa Hudgens Alabama Adventure Theme Park chick Vanessa Hudgens 5.jpg Vanessa Hudgens performing Vanessa Hudgens 7.jpg Vanessa Hudgens 8.jpg Vanessa Hudgens 9.jpg Sneakernight

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    Vanessa is so sexy,I like her eyes,and lips.