written by Wanda

Victoria Justice Celebrates Number 20

I want Victoria Justice to appear on “Dancing with the Stars”. I want it to happen very badly. This woman doesn’t have nearly the name recognition she deserves and I think that needs to change. She’s just as beautiful and talented as many of her contemporaries yet so few people seem to know her name. That’s a shame. “Dancing with the Stars” would get her out there and introduce people to her. Plus, of course, I’d love to see her on the dance floor. In these photos from her 20th birthday party in Los Angeles, Victoria is looking just as beautiful as ever. I love the dress. I love the hair – I love all of it. This is a young lady that just makes me smile. I hope I get to see more of her in the future. I don’t get the opportunity to write about her nearly often enough.


  • those legs of hers are great, she is so fit

  • very good looking girl with nice legs, her and colton haynes would be an amazing looking couple right?

  • great legs, that red haired chick with her is so fit too, awesome lookers

  • her and colton haynes would make an amazingly great looking couple, killer legs on her, she is really stunning

    • I had never considered that but you are so right. I love that guy. That should happen. Soon.