written by Wanda

We Know Katherine Webb Because…

… once upon a time, a pretty young woman went to a football game to watch her boyfriend play. A commentator covering the game made a few comments about how lucky this basketball player was as well as a few comments about how attractive this young woman was. All hell then broke loose. The young woman in question? Katherine Webb, who was Miss Alabama at the time. Her boyfriend? AJ McCarron, quarterback for Alabama. The commentator was Brent Musburger. Does any of this ring a bell at all? After the public uproar, Webb said she felt the media was being unfair to Musburger (a sentiment I strongly agreed with) but she definitely didn’t seem to mind the spike her popularity took as a result. She parlayed the drama into a spot on the misguided celebrity high diving show, creatively titled ‘Splash’, and covered Super Bowl XLVII for Inside Edition.


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