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September 26, 2008

Sandra Bullock Shows Pantyhose

Sandra Bullock walks out of Madeo Restaurant in Beverly Hills. She looked well groomed in her dress and lace pantyhose assemble. It makes one wonder why she isn’t helping her husband with his bill, just for the sake of being married and preserving his dignity.
Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, has been sued by his ex lawyer for $327,533. James failed to pay his lawyer for the past work done on a case. It makes one wonder about Jesse James and Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock

July 12, 2012
Comments Off on Miley Cyrus Rocks Fishnets With Cutoffs And I Approve.

Miley Cyrus Rocks Fishnets With Cutoffs And I Approve.

Miley Cyrus does not need my stamp of approval. She has legions of fans who love her and is engaged to a gorgeous guy who also has legions of fans. Things are going pretty well for Miss. Cyrus. With that said, she may not need my stamp of approval but for this look, she’s going to get it anyway. In the last few days, I’ve posted about Lady Gaga and Aubrey O’Day rocking a look similar to this one but there is one thing Miley’s look has that their didn’t – pants. Bold pantyhose/tights are trendy right now and Miley cashes in on that trend but has the common sense to slide a pair of black cutoffs on over the tights and to me, that makes all the difference. The look is still a little bit trashy (it’s hard to make fishnets look anything but), yet it doesn’t cross the line into too trashy. Miley has really been maturing as of late. Perhaps it’s the impending nuptials or perhaps it’s just a natural part of getting older, but I’m really starting to like this girl – at least in terms of her fashion choices.

July 9, 2009

Outstanding Performance Of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s performance at G-A-Y, London marks another successful costume party-like live performance. When Lady Gaga performs, nobody can afford to ignore her. It can be her outstanding performance or her outrageous costumes. Everybody knows about the unusual outfits of Lady Gaga. Because of these, many of the music lover of today knows who Lady Gaga is. The music are good as well, but the moment you see her in her outrageous costumes, you will definitely remember her more with her costume than with her good music. The blonde hair, the ample butt, various colors and styles of pantyhose, shining shimmering dresses, and more are a few of the trademarks of The Poker Face artist.

Lady Gaga

July 7, 2009

Lady Gaga’s Amazing Cheeky Ass

Top performer and recording artist Lady Gaga looking hot as she arrive in London Hotel wearing a blonde wig, drawn eyebrows, nice pantyhose, and a black tiny panty or shall we call it a thong. Despite of all the eye-catching things she has, the most noticeable she got is her amazing cheeky ass that has been freely exposed in these photos. Lady Gaga is known for her extreme fashion style and this one she has in these photos is just another unique fashion sense she got right there. Despite of that noticeable fashion taste she got, it looks good at her as she always compliments it with some wigs, accessories and the like.

July 6, 2009

Britney Spears In Glittering Panties

Performing live in front of her fans, Britney Spears is shining and shimmering in her glittering panties. It is so nice to see that Britney is now back on stage and looks like she is on the right tract once again. This beautiful hit maker was known to be down and was rehabilitated a few years back. However, today she is already back with the wonderful costumes and pantyhose on stage. It is not only in the music scene where Britney is back. She is now also the new face of Candies’ and has the number one selling celebrity fragrance as announced on March, 2009.

Britney Spears

March 20, 2009

Watch Out London, Here Comes Avril Lavigne

The Canadian punk-princess was seen in UK’s capital and she was there simply to promote Black Star that happens to be her debut fragrance. This perfume has been created by the very well known Procter & Gamble Prestige Products. The product promises to be as hot as well as sweet as the punk princess herself and she admits that the entire thing has been a good as well as a nice experience and says that the consumers will get a little Avril in every bottle of Black Star. The packaging has been loved by her and the fragrance consists of plum, pink hibiscus, dark chocolate and others is scheduled to be launched in Europe in the month of July this year and would be available all over USA and Canada later in 2009.

Avril Lavigne