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December 27, 2011

I Don’t Get Brooke Hogan

I know before I even start this that it’s going to make some people angry. I can’t help it. It’s my job to give my opinion and my opinion of Brooke Hogan isn’t a very good one. I just don’t get why people consider her attractive. Is it the blond hair? I’m being entirely sincere in asking because I genuinely don’t understand the appeal. She’s 23. That is shocking to me. Perhaps I’m being harsh but when I look at her, I see a much older girl. I have to give credit where it’s due though. She does have a fairly nice body but honestly, the overall package just doesn’t work for me. I like these pictures of her, taken recently in Florida, more than I love some of her pictures but that isn’t saying much. Perhaps I should feel bad for being honest but she’s Brooke Hogan and is still far hotter than I could ever hope to be. I’m sure she couldn’t care less what I think.

August 23, 2011

Bikini Pics Of Brooke Hogan

Not long ago, I was writing a post about Brooke Hogan in which I talked about her need to wear less makeup. This is why I said that. She looks so much better in these pictures than she did in the set from her PETA poster launch. Here in Miami, Brooke looks fresh faced and natural. She has a nice enough body and most importantly, she doesn’t look like a woman pushing forty. I want to like Brooke but it’s hard. These pictures make it easier though. She looks like a normal girl relaxing with some friends. I like that. Hopefully the next time she hits the red carpet or attends some sort of event, she’ll leave some of the makeup at home and stick to a more natural, more appealing look.

August 22, 2011

Brooke Hogan Launches Her PETA Poster

Brooke Hogan is 23 years old. From these pictures, taken as she unveiled her new PETA poster, I wasn’t entirely convinced that was true. I went to Wikipedia for confirmation and discovered that yes, Brooke Hogan is 23 years old. She was born on May 15, 1988. I am five years older than this girl and she looks like she could be my mother, granted I look like I’m about 12. I get ID’d to go to R-rated movies. I doubt Brooke gets ID’s to do anything. I mean, she looks good and all but she looks so much older than 23. If I didn’t know better from looking at these pictures, I would’ve assumed Brooke was in her 30’s at the very least – maybe more. Having seen other pictures of Brooke taken recently, I have to assume the culprit here is too much makeup. She can be a very pretty girl but she needs to rely a little less on the makeup. She looks so much better fresh faced.

December 9, 2010

Brooke Hogan And The Evils Of The Sun

Oh… oh my. Oh dear. I was told, as most of us were, that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Unfortunately, it’s my job to say things and finding nice things to say about these pictures isn’t going to be easy. Um, okay – that’s one cute puppy! It looks happy and very well taken care of. And hey, in some of these pictures, your face doesn’t look quite as much like you used to be, or are currently, a man. You seem to be having fun and that’s pretty great. Uh, just a suggestion though – maybe it’s time to invest in some sunblock or spend less time soaking up the rays. That stuff’s awfully hard on your skin but, from the looks of it, maybe the damage has already been done.

June 19, 2010
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Brooke Hogan Still Smoking Hot At The Gym

Brooke Hogan and her smokin’ hot body got ready for her upcoming performance at Spiedie Fest 2010 in New York in Miami, with Glenn Packard at a local gym on August 7th. While she may be wearing more than we’re used to seeing her in but even in her workout clothes, Brooke is a babe. It’s hard to believe a man like Hulk Hogan had a hand in producing a stunner like Brooke. Good thing she gets her looks from her mom – and her attitude from her dad. Brooke is a babe I wouldn’t want to tangle with. Something tells me, she’d come out on top. Hope the backup dancers are ready.

May 6, 2010

Sexy Brooke Hogan At Miami Beach

Brooke Hogan was seen on Miami Beach teaching under privileged children to surf. Brooke loves children a lot and is ready to do anything in her capacity for their betterment. It was known that Brooke had started keeping a check on her body and only eats from Fresh Diet, a first-class food provider. Anyways, her diet food and routine trips to the gym have started to show results which can be clearly seen here in the pictures. Brooke shows off her hot body on Miami Beach in a white bikini, tight enough to structure her breasts teamed with green surf shorts.

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