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July 31, 2008

Bar Refaeli’s Skimpy Pink Bikini

Bar Refaeli wore her skimpy pink bikini at Saint Tropez and caused an uproar. Her tiny bikini top warranted plenty of attention. Bar’s present boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, was absent in these pictures. She would be a co-host on TV in a new travel show called Ironic Iconic America. Filming has been completed. Bar took a road trip across America and tarried at places of interest. She said that she would like to film a second series to show her native Israel.

Bar Rafaeli

May 18, 2008

Bar Refaeli Models In Cannes

Bar did her fashion photography shoot on board a yacht in the Bay of Cannes in France. One of the dresses was made with gems that cost $700,000. She has combined her work with her short vacation as this was the best time to be in Cannes. Bar’s main work was modeling but it did not harm her exposure to be seen with the film making industry people at The Cannes Film Festival.

Bar Refaeli

June 24, 2013
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Alessandra Ambrosio Picks Up A Coffee In Brentwood

Man alive! What’s going on today? A few hours ago, I wrote about some photos of Bar Refaeli I found a little boring and now here I am writing about a set of Alessandra Ambrosio photos I’m feeling the same way about? I must be having an off day. I love Alessandra. I love her in ways I can’t describe yet here we are. I’m looking at these photos of her as she picks up coffee and snacks in Brentwood and all I can do is shrug my shoulders. Yes, she looks incredible. It’s Alessandra Ambrosio. She always look incredible. I guess these candid shots just aren’t doing it for me lately. I do like the outfit though. That has to count for something. Man … didn’t I write almost the exact same thing about Bar? It has got to be me. Maybe I need to have a nap or something. I’m clearly off.

July 29, 2011
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Blake Lively On Set In LA

So not too long ago, pictures surfaced of Blake Lively with Leonardo DiCaprio just after his split from Bar Refaeli. Apparently the two had started dating. I’m not really sure what to think of that. While Blake is a gorgeous girl with great style and even talent, Bar Refaeli is, well Bar Refaeli. Need I say more. I like Blake though. Star of “Gossip Girl” the new movie “Savages”, Blake is one of the few actresses of her generation that I think has a real shot at long term stardom. While you can’t really tell from these pictures, when she’s all done up for the red carpet, she has a very glamorous, old Hollywood style that I think could help her earn respect over some of the other actresses her age more content to just show off skin. I’m rooting for her.