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November 30, 2011

Sexy HQ Pics Of Rebecca Romijn

I have always been a big Rebecca Romijn fan. She’s a legend to me although I can’t really say why. I guess she just seems to have the sort of down to earth, girl next door, attitude I find so appealing. She also happens to be absolutely smoking hot so she has that going for her to. While many of the other model/actresses working in the industry today seem to buy into their own hype, Rebecca seems to have remained grounded. I like that. She also seems to be pretty happy in her home life which is also nice to see. I love Rebecca. It’s great to see new pictures of her and I look forward to more.

August 14, 2009
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Cameltoe Pictures Of Rebecca Romijn

The X-Men star Rebecca Romijn was spotted leaving her presumably home wearing an all black outfit of blouse and leggings that gives the paparazzi a great chance to take some cameltoe pictures of her. Oh my! She must have worn a longer blouse or shirt to keep her free from the eyes of these cameltoe big fans all around her. This girl has already been rarely seen on the big screen lately and if you are a big fan of Mystique, she will soon star in a television series Eastwick as Roxanne Torcoletti alongside with Lindsay Price her former Pepper Dennis co-star.

Rebecca Romijn

April 2, 2009
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Rebecca Romijn In A White Bikini

Here’s some candid images of Rebecca Romijn, so now you know why the worlds raving about her. She looks sexy in almost anything you put her into, perfect cover girl I reckon. Whether it’s her sexy curves in a polka dotted bikini on a hot day, or her long legs in a bare it all long orange dress with the longest slits you could imagine. Apart from displaying her perfect bosom in great fitting clothes, she’s even willing to go totally unglamorous for her homemaker look in the typical print dress cutting vegetables. It doesn’t matter what she’ doing, people are still going to notice.

Rebecca Romijn

February 4, 2009

Shapely Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn was seen in Woodland Hills, California. Romijn looked shapely in her sweat suit. She has thrown off her pregnancy weight since late December. People have speculated on her fast recovery and re-entrance into the Hollywood social circle. Romijn and her husband, Jerry O-Connell, attended the wedding of Fergie and Josh Duhamel on January 10. Romijn declined to comment on her schedule on getting back in shape. Walking and exercising seem to play a big part of it.

Rebecca Romijn

April 30, 2008
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Rebecca Romijn Fierce In Esquire

Just looking at these photos taken of “X-Men” beauty and “Ugly Betty” actress Rebecca Romijn would really prompt you to ask yourself, “Why the hell did she and her husband John Stamos split up? Who would want to let go of this vixen?!” Alas, Rebecca is now in a new relationship and is looking super fierce in this Esquire Magazine – February 2008 edition. Lovin’ the hair, the shoes, the make-up and the clothes. Does she have THE BODY to die for or what?!

Rebecca Romijn

March 10, 2008

Rebecca Romijn’s Sexy Hourglass Photos

Rebecca Romijn looks beautiful in this fashion shoot for BEBE ads. She is slim but has a full bust. I like her tunic gown the most of all. It might be one of the sexiest gowns available in the market. These Roman type of wraps have been making a comeback. Several celebrities have at least one piece of Roman inspired dress in their wardrobe. Rebecca’s pink clingy dress is another hot number. Just a few days back, we had a post on Kim Kardashian and she was wearing a similar, elasticized tube dress that was purple in color. These tight figure hugging dresses show our celebrities to be hot, hot chicks that rock the male senses crazy.

Rebecca Romijn

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