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May 13, 2012

Shauna Sand Has Sex On The Beach… Maybe

Oh paparazzi … really? At the same time, oh Shauna Sand … really? I guess Shauna Sand already has a sex tape out there so why not strip naked and have sex on the beach with your lover despite the fact that you’re a celebrity and cameras like to follow you everywhere. These pictures are hot in a way and Shauna’s man has a lovely behind but it’s a little hard to enjoy them when looking at the pictures makes me feel so wrong. These were not moments meant to be captured on film, unless of course, that’s what Shauna was going for. Maybe Shauna just doesn’t care. Sometimes the mood just hits, I suppose.

August 25, 2010
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Vanessa Hudgens Has Fun At The Beach

Vanessa Hudgens… what can be said about this little piece of work? I love the girl. I really, truly do. Who else can have naked pictures of themselves leaked twice and still somehow seem innocent and sweet. Sure, every time I see her I get that Britney Spears feeling – the whole, “Oops, I did it again… I’m not that innocent” thing, but really, I think Vanessa is just a girl that likes to have fun. Shown here frolicking on the beach, Vanessa shows us she can surf (maybe), and more important, how sexy she makes a wet suit look. She shows enough skin to keep up happy but, manages to not look trashy. I like this girl. she has attitude and naked picture drama not withstanding, seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Now all she needs to do is make a decent movie and she’ll be all set.

June 25, 2009

Katie Price Barely Naked With Macho Men

Should party people watch out for the next bikini party of Katie Price? It seems like Katie has a series of parties wearing a series of barely there bikinis. She has been into a wild photo shoot by the beach of Ibiza, been in the bar, and now in a yacht again as expected, partying barely naked with these super macho men. Seeing her in a series of sexy bikini, it made me wonder what does Katie wanted to show and prove. Was it all because of her reportedly break up with hubby Peter Andre? Hmm… Katie you really made me wonder.

Katie Price

April 4, 2008

Mena Suvari Sensual And Sexy At The Beach

“American Beauty” Mena Suvari has long ditched her goody-goody image and has now adapted a rocker chick type of style. Here she is frolicking along Malibu beach with Simone Sestito. Who knew Mena could be this sensual at the beach? She proudly shows off her butt in a thong-type of bikini and she’s also not afraid to let Simone have a sexy taste of her neck. Now that’s what I call confidence!

update: HQ pictures added

Mena Suvari

July 1, 2013
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Courtney Stodden Continues Her Desperate Press Grab

I’m sorry but there is just nothing redeeming about this woman to me. I mean, literally nothing. Yes she’s hot but there are lots and lots of hot women out there. What else does she have to offer? I’ve written about her many, many times which has required a fair bit of research. That research has told me that aside from a hot body, she doesn’t have anything to offer that’s interesting or new. These photos are kind of cute but I’d actually prefer seeing her wearing something a little less revealing. Now that would be interesting and new. We get it, Courtney. You look good in your undies. How about showing us something we haven’t seen a million times. Just imagine these photos of her riding her bike and playing Volleyball at beach in L. A but instead of being half naked, she was wearing a cute little skirt and a top that didn’t just barely cover her breasts. In my opinion, the photos would be much hotter. I don’t see why she just doesn’t do porn and get it over with. Anyone with even half a brain knows that’s where she’s headed anyway.

January 3, 2013

Vida Guerra And Her Ridiculous Body In Hawaii

The last time I posted about Vida Guerra, I gave her a bit of a hard time about posting half naked pictures of herself on Twitter. That sort of thing often leaves a bad taste in my mouth but all is forgiven now. Just look at this woman. Her body is ridiculous. To be completely honest, I’m quite certain I’d be posting half naked pictures of myself all over the internet if I had a body like Vida’s. In these photos from Hawaii, Vida looks absolutely stunning. I honestly don’t think there’s anything about these photos I don’t like. She’s a total knockout and I know I’ll be paying attention any time she decides to hit the beach in a bikini.

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