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February 7, 2014
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Salma Hayek Is Gorgeous

I wish I could really use tones in these posts. For example, there was heavy emphasis on the word ‘gorgeous’ in my head because I think a woman like Salma Hayek deserves extra emphasis. She’s so theatrical. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone other than me but I felt it was worth saying all the same. In these photos, we see Salma as she prepares to depart LAX in Los Angeles but it looks to me like she could be acting in some wildly dramatic scene in a movie. There’s just something so grand about her. I love that. This lady is definitely a personal favorite of mine.

July 15, 2013

Salma Hayek Outside Good Morning America

I really like Salma Hayek. I think she’s a talented actress and a beautiful woman. Is she a little strange? Sure! That’s a big part of why I love her as much as I do. I think this woman is just incredible all around. Inn these photos, we see Salma as she stops by Good Morning America and she looks just as cute as ever. I’ve never really been attracted to her the same way I’m attracted to a lot of the other women I write about on here but that doesn’t mean I don’t think she’s gorgeous. I just look at her and see someone I’d like to spend an afternoon hanging out with. She just seems like she’d be a lot of fun. Great photos. It’s always nice to see her smiling.

August 23, 2012

Salma Hayek In A Stunning New Photo Shoot.

Salma Hayek is beautiful. She has a fantastic, curvaceous body that just about stops my heart. It’s hard for me to imagine there are people out there who don’t think she’s absolutely stunning but I suppose it’s a matter of personal opinion. I have nothing against skinny girls. I’m a skinny girl myself. But when I daydream about the kind of body I’d like to have, it looks a lot like Salma’s. She’s got curves in all the right places. More than that though, I’m attracted to Salma because she’s a strong, confident woman who knows who she is and knows what makes her feel good. She likes to show off her boobs but if I had boobs like that, I’d probably be showing them off too. She never looks trashy to me, even when she’s wearing more revealing outfits. Instead, she looks to me like a woman who is control of her sexuality and likes to feel good about how she looks. I have no problem with that at all. Love this girl. I wish I had even half of her confidence.

June 30, 2011

I Love Salma Hayek

I love Salma Hayek like you wouldn’t believe. There is something fierce about this woman that drives me wild. I love that she says what’s on her mind and isn’t afraid to leave the house looking like a total diva. I love everything about her style and the fact that no matter what she’s wearing, that feisty attitude shines through. Salma is Salma and doesn’t try to be anything but herself. Most importantly, she makes no apologies for who she is. Is she a little bit crazy? Yes, probably, but that only adds to her appeal. She demands respect and while I don’t claim to speak for the rest of the world, she definitely gets mine. I wish I could see more of her on ’30 Rock’. Salma + Alec Baldwin = magic.

May 13, 2011

Salma Hayek And Her Cans Head To Cannes

Salma Hayek has fantastic breasts. The great thing about Salma and her breasts is that she isn’t afraid to show them off. She seems pretty aware of how awesome they are and how much people love to get a glimpse of them. There’s something special about a woman who gives the public what they want while still staying classy. A lot of people have been picking on Salma for this dress she wore to Cannes, particularly the puffy floral sleeves (wrap maybe?), but I love it. It’s sexy without being slutty. It flatters her shape without being over powering. It’s perfect for her. While many women in Hollywood simply wear what their stylists tell them to wear, one gets the feeling Salma would never hit the red carpet in something she didn’t like and I love that about her.

January 6, 2011

Salma Hayek Looks Incredible

If you need proof that Salma Hayek is awesome, check out her guest appearances on 30 Rock. It’s one of my personal favorite comedies on the air right now and she was one of the best guest stars the show has had. Salma is funny, sexy and doesn’t take herself so seriously she can’t poke fun at herself. I love these pictures of Salma because they serve as just further evidence that Salma is not only a babe, but is also a babe that isn’t afraid to look human. Although she has a little cellulite in some of the pictures and doesn’t have a perfectly flat stomach, she still looks incredible. I’d rather see one picture of Salma than a hundred pictures of waif thin actresses that look like that haven’t eaten a sandwich in years. Salma is one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood. Hope she comes back to 30 Rock someday.

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