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November 3, 2010

Sexy Set Of Kim Cattrall On The Beach

I don’t see why everyone gives Kim Cattrall such a hard time. Sure she’s older, but I think she’s gorgeous. While I’m sure there’s been a little nip and a little tuck here and there to help combat Father Time, I don’t think she’s any worse than any other female celebrity her age. The biggest problem Kim seems to have is overcoming the slutty reputation she earned by portraying the ultimate cougar, Samantha Jones, on Sex and the City. It’s a character people! Let it go. And if Kim’s like that in real life, well kudos to her for being sexy and taking charge of her sex life. There’s nothing sexier than confidence and Kim has it in spades.

September 8, 2009

Kim Cattrall’s Nice Present To The Paparazzi

While filming a scene for Sex & The City 2, actress Kim Catrall was spotted arriving on the set with pride and style wearing her strapless black dress that packages her astounding shape, a pair of black sunglasses, and an eye-catching blue hills. Carrying with her is her script that has reportedly photographed by many of the paparazzi and obviously leaked unto the public, which is definitely a nice present to the paparazzi. According to the leaked script, the character of Miss Cattrall, Samantha Jones, is trying to get pregnant in the said sequel. Surely, fans and viewers of Sex & The City 2 can’t hardly wait as it hits on theaters soon in May.

Kim Cattrall

January 10, 2008

Kim Cattrall’s Sexy Black Bikini

Kim Cattrall has a fantastic body for her age. She was made to wear the big bikini bottom to reflect the 1950s Bridget Jones’ style. The panty is a kind of body support to help tuck in the tummy. I don’t think Kim needs that. She looks good without any aid. Kim’s cleavage is awesome too. Her bikini top is pretty decent, with just sufficient cloth to cover and show what a decent looking bikini should be. Kim is style and class!

Kim Cattrall Sex and the City

November 3, 2007

Kim Cattrall Is Still SMOKIN’

Here you see Kim Cattrall on set of the long-awaited big screen debut of the television drama Sex and the City. Fans will remember Kim as the sex pistol Samantha from the show, and these pics show she hasn’t lost her stuff since the series ended. Ok, so she’s got a little cellulite, but cut her a break. This beauty is 51 years old and showing she’s still got it. And she’s got it GOOD.

Kim Cattrall

June 1, 2010

Kristin Davis At Sex And The City 2 Premiere

Looking amazing again, Kristin Davis was seen dazzling at the London premiere of her movie, Sex And The City 2. The 45 year old American actress was seen wearing a classic outfit from Norman Norell. Cascaded hair, gold colored clutch and a big necklace were accessories sported by the recovering alcoholic. Ms Davis was accompanied by her co-stars from the movie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon. The foursomes were looking perfectly dressed for the evening. Even fans who were present at the event were dressed fabulously. Other famous personalities present at the event included Daisy Lowe, Peaches Geldof and Kylie Minogue.