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June 27, 2013
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Daniela Hantuchova Upskirt Shot

I have never found upskirt shots of tennis stars all that special. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that Isee tennis star upskirt shots anytime I watch ladies’ tennis. Here we have gorgeous tennis star Daniela Hantuchova flashing a little panty outside the WTA pre-Wimbledon party in London and then a few shots of her looking a little more covered up inside the party. Upskirt shots or not, these are some fantastic photos. I love the dress she’s wearing. It really shows off her toned, athletic body without making her look trashy or desperate for attention. She’s such a beautiful woman. I love everything about these photos. Really great shots.

March 9, 2013
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Kimberley Garner Shows Off Her Panties

I was browsing the comments the other day and say a link to a limo company in Australia that has offered an article all about getting out of vehicles in dresses without flashing one’s panties. I didn’t click the link because I don’t click links I’m not familiar with but if the post was legit, I have to say I’m impressed. That limo company has fulfilled a deep need in the entertainment industry because ladies really seem to have trouble with this one. Kimberly Garner is merely the latest victim in a long long of inadvertent panty flashers as she gets out of a car in London. But hey, if you’re going to accidentally flash your panties, best to make sure they’re sexy ones.

August 11, 2011

Emma Watson Flashes Her Panties

Um… okay, so I’m not really sure what the deal is with Emma Watson in these pictures. Is she purposefully flashing her panties to the paps? I thought these pictures were perhaps taken on the set of a movie but I can’t find a movie that would fit in with this whole scenario. I also can’t see how the panty flashing would be an accident here. I mean, it looks like she’s actually pulling the skirt up. I don’t think she actually is – bad hand placement in the pictures, perhaps – but I have never flashed my undies to that extent when running across the street or parking lot or whatever. Even so, she looks hot. I guess that has to count for something. I can’t finish this post without noting these photos were taken in London and with the riots taking place there, I hope Emma and her loved ones are safe. Scary stuff.

February 16, 2011

Emma Watson Upskirt Shots

Congratulations paparazzi of London. You managed to get upskirt shots of Emma Watson despite the fact she’s clearly trying pretty hard to avoid letting that happen. I feel bad for her. I really do. Getting in and out of a car in a short dress isn’t easy to do without flashing a little bit of panty. I can’t imagine how awful it would be to have a flock of photographers waiting for it to happen. I don’t think I’d ever wear anything but long dresses and pants. Anyway, Emma looks as adorable as always. I loved the short hair from the beginning and I love it more every time I see it. It really compliments her and makes her delicate features stand out even more. This girl is one of my favorite young actresses in Hollywood. I can’t wait to see where life takes her.

November 17, 2009
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Beyonce’s Panties

I must say the photographer was on the ball with this shot. This guy was ready as soon as that car door opened in London to get that panty shot of Beyonce. At least the panties are perfectly matched, nothing like a shocker when you see bright red panties under a light colored dress. Beyonce tried her best to appear ladylike by holding her coat to cover her thighs. Hey guys, put on a mini skirt and get out of a car without showing your undergarments, come on. Other than the panty shot, Beyonce is just as gorgeous and sexy as always.


March 5, 2009
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Carmen Electra In Sensuous Silver

Where does one start with such an outfit? Arguably the best, if not the only known name to emerge from the Pussycat Dolls, Ms. Electra has clearly taken lessons from Prince on creating an impression without excess effort. Captured in full flow whilst live on stage, this lustrous creation by an unknown auteur blends all the high notes of Baywatch and Reynolds Wrap into a glorious ensemble that must have been the unsung highlight of the whole night’s performance. To project so much allure with so little material is an art, causing the snapper to focus entirely on her. And with couture this stunning, who among us could blame them?

Carmen Electra

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