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July 24, 2012

Nicole Coco Austin Flashes Her Bald Vag, Proving She’s Just As Classy As Ever.

There is no way anyone will ever be able to convince me Nicole Coco Austin did not intentionally flash her bald vagina to the photographers that snapped these pictures. When I think of desperate women who will do anything to stay relevant, Nicole tops my list. She’s hot, sure, but she’s so sleazy I can’t enjoy her hotness. I mean, come on, at least pretend it was an accident. It’s cool to be proud of your body but this isn’t pride in your body. This is obvious insecurity. It’s almost like she’s afraid she’ll cease to exist if the cameras stop flashing. It doesn’t matter though. Men love her and will continue to love her as long as she continue to have not even a trace of modesty. Baring it all for Playboy is one thing. I have no problem with a woman taking her clothes off for the camera but flashing your vagina on the street corner? In my always humble opinion, that’s just one step away from being a prostitute.

May 18, 2012
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Victoria Silvstedt Flashes Her Ass Crack

The last time I wrote a post about Victoria Silvstedt reaction was decidedly mixed. Personally, I’m a fan. I think Victoria is beautiful. She might have had a little work done but welcome to the entertainment industry. What women choose to spend their money on is their business and I refuse to get all hung up on natural versus plastic. I prefer natural but that’s a personal preference and there are exceptions to the rule – like Victoria. Here in Monaco, Victoria comes very close to offering cameras a shot of her full moon and I’m not complaining. She’s got a fantastic rear end. If she wants to show it off, I say go for it!

August 27, 2011
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Whitney Port Flashes A Little Ass Cheek

Oh Whitney Port – so cheeky! After hitting Williams-Sonoma in Los Angeles, Whitney (likely unintentionally) flashes cameras a little bit of one of her finest assets while bending over to get something out of her car. In previous Whitney posts, I’ve made it pretty clear I’m not her biggest fan but she is one of my favorite former “The Hills” cast members and I do like photo sets like this one. Sure she’s shopping at a high end store but she still keeps things casual. I like that. I still don’t think she’s really all that attractive but I like her more like this than when she’s all dolled up.

June 17, 2009

Rihanna Flashing Her Ass

Sure thing the world waits with baited breath when it comes to news about celebrities. So, when the media reported Rihannas difficult days, beating and bruises, people were wondering what next. Well, some people are made of stronger stuff and Rihanna has certainly proven that. These images of her Rihanna leaving her New York city hotel certainly show a very confident and sexy young woman carrying herself through all the pain and emerging strong. Kudos to the youngster and we’re all awaiting the next sexy number she doles out. That’s one black dress that clings onto her curves letting you see the clear picture. Click on more to see all photos of Rihanna flashing her ass.


December 14, 2012

Anne Hathaway Flashes Vag At The Les Miserables Premiere.

I was wondering if I’d have to write about these photos and now, here we are. I’m writing about them, you’re reading about them and Anne Hathaway is out there somewhere shaking her head at all of us. She doesn’t get why her crotch shots are such a big deal. To be honest, I don’t really either. It’s not like you can see full vag. It’s just a little puff of hair. I’m far more impressed by the rest of the photos from the Les Miserables premiere, New York. Anne looks fabulous. I love the dress. I love the shoes and while I prefer her longer hair, I do like the shorter hair as well. I think this is a beautiful, classy woman – crotch shots or not.

February 15, 2012

Sexy Helen Flanagan Flashes Some Serious Cleavage

I have to hand it to Helen Flanagan. While her time as Rosie on “Coronation Street” is coming to an end, she definitely knows how to leave a lasting impression. There aren’t many women out there that could make a dress this revealing look anything other than trashy but Helen manages to do exactly that. Sure she’s showing a lot of skin but she’s clearly being very careful not to show too much. In these pictures (taken in London), Helen manages to mostly avoid the all too common upskirt shots and I actually really appreciate that. See? It can be done! I like Helen. She’s beautiful, talented and can really be classy when she wants to be.

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