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March 19, 2010

Tara Reid Bares

Tara Reid is a famous Hollywood actress whose movies include ‘The Urban Legend’, ‘American Pie 1 ’, ‘American Pie 2’, ‘Josie and the Pussy Cats’ and ‘Alone in the Dark’. Her acting career started at the age of nine in a game show called ‘Child’s play.’ After Tara appeared in hundreds of ads and her fortunes came true with the Hollywood sex and humor movie ‘American Pie 1’. Tara Reid was involved in many controversies including an exposed left breast when her dress fell at a birthday party. Tara Reid has appeared in the Jan/Feb 2010 Playboy pictorial. The magazine contains hot sexy pictures of Tara, but there are no nude pictures as per the reports.

April 8, 2008

Tara Reid Bares Oomph At FHM

FHM is sizzling these days – given the presence of none other than “American Pie” alumnus Tara Reid herself! The plastic surgery fanatic and former Ms. Carson Daly (she and the popular ex-MTV dude were engaged for quite a time) is baring a lot of skin in these photos. Check out the photos highlighting Tara’s very “healthy” and plump breasts. The girl sure does carry quite a “heavy load”! What about Tara’s legs? What do you think of them?

Tara Reid

February 12, 2014

Paris Hilton Nipples

Paris Hilton is a good looking woman. I know some people will argue that but hey, everyone has the right to their opinion and that’s my opinion. Honestly though, I’m not sure I really love these photos. The dress is nice enough and it looks pretty on her but I don’t know. I’m not really feeling the excitement with this set of photos. I guess it’s the fact that I’ve seen Paris’ bare breasts more times than I can count. The whole sheer top thing kind of loses it’s appeal when you’ve already seen the goods without anything covering them at all. That’s not always the case but it is for me with these shots.

January 10, 2014
Comments Off on Alyssa Arce Shows Some Nip

Alyssa Arce Shows Some Nip

Yeah, I know – nipples! Let’s all get excited. Yeah … not so much. I dunno, guys. Maybe it’s because I have boobs of my own that I don’t go nuts over mostly bare breasts but I don’t and without that, these photos really aren’t all that exciting. Alyssa Arce is very pretty, yes but I don’t know if she’s the kind of woman I’m going to pin up on my wall. She’s just … pretty. There isn’t much about her – at least not in these photos – that stands out to me. They’re good, I guess. They’re just not great.

March 6, 2012

Leaked Cell Phone Photos Of Christina Hendricks

So her ‘people’ have come forward and said the boob shots originally with this set of pictures isn’t Christina but to be honest, I like these pictures far more than the bare breasted ones. Christina Hendricks is one of my favorite television actresses and seeing private photos of her with barely any makeup in the most casual of settings only makes me like her more. This woman is a natural beauty. With that said, I’m a little tired of people hacking celebrity cell phones and leaking the pictures online. It’s such an invasion of privacy. So why am I writing about them? Well, aside from the fact that its my job to write about the pictures I’m given, these pictures are already out there. Does that make me any better than anyone else publishing them? Nope. Not in the least but that’s what helps me sleep at night so there it is.

July 1, 2013
Comments Off on Courtney Stodden Continues Her Desperate Press Grab

Courtney Stodden Continues Her Desperate Press Grab

I’m sorry but there is just nothing redeeming about this woman to me. I mean, literally nothing. Yes she’s hot but there are lots and lots of hot women out there. What else does she have to offer? I’ve written about her many, many times which has required a fair bit of research. That research has told me that aside from a hot body, she doesn’t have anything to offer that’s interesting or new. These photos are kind of cute but I’d actually prefer seeing her wearing something a little less revealing. Now that would be interesting and new. We get it, Courtney. You look good in your undies. How about showing us something we haven’t seen a million times. Just imagine these photos of her riding her bike and playing Volleyball at beach in L. A but instead of being half naked, she was wearing a cute little skirt and a top that didn’t just barely cover her breasts. In my opinion, the photos would be much hotter. I don’t see why she just doesn’t do porn and get it over with. Anyone with even half a brain knows that’s where she’s headed anyway.