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April 18, 2011

Kim Kardashian Still Has A Big Ass

And God love her for it – not to mention her willingness to show it off. Kim Kardashian once said she was tired of people talking about her ass. I can’t for the life of me understand why. It worked for Jennifer Lopez. I’ve honestly never been a big fan of big asses but it works for Kim. She’s a curvy woman – even with the weight she’s losing. I think she’s gorgeous. I’m a little torn on Kim. I don’t like her as a person and I don’t think, aside from her sextape, she’s ever done anything worth writing about, but as far as celebrities that are famous for no good reason go, she’s probably my favorite.

February 25, 2008

Gemma Atkinson Has Big Assets

All right you guys — complete this sentence: Gemma Atkinson has big _____. And you’d better explain why you think she has those big _____! This will be fun so join in! Anyhoo, here’s Gemma in a striking blue bikini. Now for the first picture – I’m not too sure what the f*ck that guy’s doing but I sure hope it’s not what I’m thinking! Looks like he and Gemma are having quite the fun times at the beach.

Gemma Atkinson

February 8, 2014
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Sam Faiers Wears Weird Sunglasses And I’m Therefore Annoyed

I hate big bug eye sunglasses and I hate them even more when there is some sort of bizarro embelleshment on said sunglasses that draws even more attention to them. The shades Sam Faiers is wearing in these shots, snapped at Ibiza, might be the worst I’ve ever seen. I mean, they’re tacky and they’re not flattering, a real shame since Sam has such incredible eyes. Those sunglasses ruined these shots for me. Luckily, I’m the only person on the face of the planet that feels that way so everyone else should enjoy the photos quite a bit because glasses aside, Sam looks hot hot hot here.

July 27, 2013
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Vanessa Hudgens Can Be A Very Classy Young Lady

Yeah, yeah – I had a pretty big problem with Vanessa Hudgens way back in the day but that’s been over for a while now. I’ll blame all of that on temporary insanity or something because over the last year or so, Vanessa has really grown on me. She’s grown on me to the point that she’s now one of my favorite young entertainers in the entertainment industry today. In these photos, snapped as she arrives for a meal at Covent Garden in London, Vanessa looks incredible. I like the pants suit she’s wearing. It’s bold but not over the top. It also flatters her beautifully. She’s seen her fair share of scandals but those days seem to be behind her now. Lovely young lady. I wish nothing but the best for her.

July 8, 2013

Myleene Klass Shows Off Her Killer Body

Have I mentioned that I love Myleene Klass recently? I have? Well, I’m about to mention it again. I love Myleene Klass. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. That’s probably a big part of the reason I love these photos as much as I do. One of my favorite things about Myleene is her boundless confidence. That confidence is really on display here as she struts her stuff in a killer body hugging dress that shows off her finest features beautifully. I love the fact that Myleene can show off her curves without showing a whole lot of skin. To me, that’s classy. It’s also sexier, in my opinion. I like a woman that doesn’t feel the need to show a lot of skin to get attention. While Myleene is certainly guilty of that sometimes, she isn’t guilty of that here and I appreciate that. Lovely lady and great photos.

June 30, 2013

Myleene Klass Looks Adorable

Myleene Klass is one of those women that has this effortless charisma about her. She is just magnetic when she gets in front of the cameras. In these photos, we see Myleene looking beautiful at London studios as she shows off some of that charisma for the cameras. I love the dress she’s wearing here. It compliments her body but is still fun and flirty – the perfect option for a girl like Myleene. I’m not really a big fan of yellow when it comes to clothing but the pattern breaks up the yellow and it works perfectly. The color looks lovely on her and fits in with her sunny personality. I think these photos are great.