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October 14, 2010

Melanie Brown One Sneeze Away From Nip Slip

I will never understand the need some women feel to punish their boobs to make themselves look sexier. I mean, sure, her boobs look fantastic in these pictures taken in London, but the poor girl looks like she can barely breathe. Besides that, I can’t even imagine the pain her girls are in all smushed like that. Regardless, Melanie Brown (or Mel B or Scary Spice… whichever you prefer) does look pretty damn good. I’m not the biggest fan of what she’s done with her hair, but her breasts are really all I can look at. The dress is flattering and her legs look fantastic. She looks incredible. I just can’t get passed the strangled boobs. Is looking good a fair trade off for being able to breathe comfortably. Yeah, probably.

September 23, 2009
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Katy Perry’s Misplaced Boobies

Wet, wild, and needing help with the placement of her breast, Katy Perry seems not to mind at all. It seems that while splashing around under a fountain at the Rose Gardens, something under her hot pink and black dress slipped out of place and she need a couple of firm hands from a crew member. The video she was working on is for Star Strukk, a collaboration with electroband 3oh!3. Prior to this booby mishap, she was filmed wearing a leopard-print mini-dress and purple heels. Katy Perry is collaborating with 3oh!3 made up of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte.

Katy Perry

January 2, 2008

Danielle Lloyd Slips Out Of Her Dress!

Danielle Lloyd was leaving Embassy Club in London when she posed for these sexy photos. She felt safe enough in her car to go all the way to let her dress slip and show what a cautious daredevil she was. It was a bare back dress and I’m sure all the guys wished that she wore it back to front. Cleavage and boobies would be very welcome. Here, we get prime shots of Danielle’s sexy legs. A couple of snaps show Danielle’s sexy tits through her dress … yummy!

Danielle Lloyd

November 12, 2007

Sarah Harding’s Nipple Slip

Sarah Harding wore a corset which showed off her voluptuous boobs to great advantage. She was leaning forwards to blow kisses when her corset had a wardrobe malfunction and her boob was dislodged. It appeared to be an unintended nipple slip. Unfortunately, much of the action was quickly covered when she resumed her normal upright position. Bye, bye sweetness.

Sarah Harding Nipple Slip

July 19, 2013

Tulisa Contostavlos Is About To Fall Out Of Her Bikini Top

Man, I’m loving the fact that Tulisa Contostavlos is on vacation on the Spanish party island Ibiza because that vacation has given us just a ton of Tulisa Contostavlos bikini photos and that makes me very happy indeed. I think Tulisa is an absolute stunner. She’s got an incredible body, a beautiful face and she seems confident and comfortable in her own skin. My only complaint about this particular set of photos is that the bikini top looks like it might be a tad uncomfortable in a few of these shots. It must be a little hard to have a good time when you gave to be worried about your boobies popping out at any moment. Ah well, guaranteed nip slip aside, these photos are great.

July 22, 2012

Christina Milian Tries To Keep It Covered Up At The Beach.

In all honesty, Christina Milian has one of my all time favorite nip slips. I believe it happened backstage at “The Voice” but I could be wrong. I just remember seeing that her whole boobie fell out of her shirt. I would’ve felt bad for her had I thought she was that concerned about it. I really don’t think she was. She just doesn’t seem like the type of woman that’s hung up on that sort of thing. These pictures of her with her daughter in Miami are proof of that. She seems like a confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin. While I don’t think she’d let a nip slip out of her bikini or her boob pop out of her shirt on purpose, I don’t think she gets all embarrassed if it were to happen. I like this girl even though I found her irritating on “The Voice”. That probably had more to do with the show than her though.