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October 6, 2009
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Katrina Bowden Sexy At Poolside

Katrina Bowden was spotted poolside in Miami Beach wearing a hot red bathing suit cover. No, that is not her panties you see, but her white bikini. The other sexy blonde happens to be the 30 Rock stars sister. This 21-year-old hottie was asked if she was shocked by the success of 30 Rock and her reply was “I was. Don’t get me wrong—I always knew that the show was extremely well written and had the potential to be huge and respected, but it’s always hard to tell what will stick.”

Katrina Bowden

June 30, 2009

The Wet And Wild Side Of Lindsay Lohan

Former child star Lindsay Lohan ages another year older. Spotted while celebrating her birthday at Wet Republic Pool in Las Vegas, Lindsay goes wet and wild with friends wearing her blue loose shirt and black panties. Lindsay seems to have a sexy and good-looking body regardless of the dress style she has. She can look super skinny in some of these photos but other photos really bring out the beauty of Lindsay Lohan that we use to know. Is she paying tribute to King of Pop Michael Jackson? She looks good at it, and it looks like she can dance well.

Lindsay Lohan

March 26, 2009

Jennifer Love Hewitt In A Transparent Dress

Seems like one can’t get enough of Jennifer Love Hewitt, and that’s why even when she seems to be chilling out in Mexico, we still get to see her. She seemed to soaking in the sun and taking it easy and for once there’s a novel change. Here’s her leaving viewers wanting to see more with her transparent short white dress which seems quite the perfect beach wear. Of course we’d have liked a bikini view but this isn’t bad with enough of cleavage show, and skin. One tip you can learn right away. Never forget the big Mexican hat and stick to white on sunny days.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

March 25, 2009

Rihanna Looks Beat

Looks like Rihanna suddenly has to make quite a few decisions. Not that things have been on the pretty front of late, but there’s just too much for this young lady to handle. The latest being her buying a new house in the Hollywood Hills. Well could this be a permanent solution ad a strong signal screaming that she’s ready to move on and be on her own? Well we’re not asking any questions now. One thing though, she did look a little tired may we say. Is it just the recent state of affairs that’s bogged her down, or was it simply because it was a hot day out, and I reckon anybody would look beat at day end.


December 8, 2008

Pamela Anderson Bottoms Up!

Pamela Anderson chose to wear a T shirt that exposed her panties at the Art Basel event at Miami Beach. In contrast, there were gentlemen dressed in suits. Anderson is another celebrity with Bohemian tastes in fashion. Anderson deliberately bent over a table to feign interest looking up an exhibit out of her reach. It was bottoms up for Anderson. She showed off her pert bottom in suggestive poses. Paris Hilton was also present at the Art Basel function. Hilton was modestly dressed in a colorful, pin striped dress.

Pamela Anderson

September 25, 2008

Keeley Hazell Flaunts Her Large Natural Breasts

Keeley Rebecca Hazell is back flaunting her large natural boobs. This English Page 3 Girl and famous glamour model is back at showing the world why she’s one of the more favored lingerie endorsers. Keeley is best known for her large natural breasts that are UK bra size 32DD. She’s also known for her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Lloyd Miller. The sex tape was leaked on the Internet last year and it’s still widely available on the web. Have you watched it?

Keeley Hazell

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