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January 16, 2014

Lea Michele Looks Lovely

So clearly Lea Michele has been through a lot over the last few months but she never did the “woe is me” thing. She held her head high and soldiered on. I respect that more than I can even put into words. I feel for Lea but I also admire her. She had to grieve with the whole world watching but she did so with poise and grace. Here’s the truth. I didn’t care a whole lot for Lea Michele and I guess I still don’t but that doesn’t mean I can’t respect her. She is a super talented, super beautiful woman and she looks fantastic in these shots.

February 13, 2013
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Lea Michele Smiles For The Cameras.

I’m kind of back and forth on Lea Michele. Sometimes I think she’s stunning. Other times I think she’s just pretty. It really depends on the photos, I suppose. These photos fall into the “just pretty” category. I don’t think it’s actually Lea that’s bothering me about these photos. I think it’s Lea’s bangs. I’m just not a fan of the bangs hanging flat over her forehead like that. They look better swept to the side. They might look better if she had the rest of her hair pulled back but like this, her hair makes her face look a bit square. Doesn’t really matter in the end though. Leaving the Warren Tricomi Salon in West Hollywood, Lea looks good. She just doesn’t look quite as good as she does in some of the other photos I’ve shared of her. Hey, they can’t all be winners and even on her worst day, Lea is still more talented and more attractive than the average woman, myself included. And then there’s that voice of hers. She could let herself go completely and shave her head bald and she’s still have a voice that beats most of the competition.

December 19, 2012

Lea Michele Is An Underrated Beauty.

I haven’t really been as into ‘Glee’ over the last few seasons – not like I was for season one, at least. It just lost a little bit of its appeal for me but one thing has never changed. I love Lea Michele and her voice always slays me. I will continue watching ‘Glee’ as long as Lea is on the show because it will mean getting treated to her beautiful voice at least once in a while. Here’s the thing about Lea though. Everyone knows she can sing and those who pay attention probably know she can act. I don’t think she gets enough credit for her beauty though. She isn’t the typical beautiful Hollywood starlet, no, but she is a very beautiful woman. I think that really shows in these photos from LA.

August 15, 2012

Lea Michele Looks Hot On The Set Of Glee

So Glee is coming back for another season. There was a time that would’ve excited me but to be honest, the last few seasons have fallen a little short of my expectations. I’m not sure I’ll keep watching if this season doesn’t pick up a little bit – or a lot, as the case may be. These photos of Lea Michele on the set of “Glee” in New York worry me. Lea looks hot, sure – love the outfit she’s wearing in that first photo but it’s not very “Rachel Berry”. Rachel has always been my least favorite character but I don’t want to see them completely change who her character is just because she went off to New York. I guess I’ll have to wait and see but based on these pictures, I’m concerned. Surprise me, Glee!

April 19, 2012
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Sexy Lea Michele At Coachella’s Pool Party

One day, I will attend Coachella. I don’t know how or when but it’s totally on my Bucket List. It just seems like such a great time. It certainly looks like Lea Michele of “Glee” fame is having a good time hanging out at the Pool Party at Coachella anyway. I am a huge “Glee” fan (although I admit it’s gone a little downhill since season one) and I’m also a huge Lea Michele fan. The woman has pipes for days. The first time I heard her sing, she nearly brought tears to my eyes. I think what I like most about her though is that she really does fame on her own terms. She’s isn’t our partying and scandalizing all the time and I really find that appealing. This is a woman who is focused on her career. I only hope the public is still supportive of her after her time on “Glee” is over. She’s far too talented to be pigeonholed.

January 24, 2011

Naya Rivera Celebrates Her Birthday

Guilty confession time. I love Glee. Absolutely love it. There are only two things about the show I’m not crazy about – Lea Michele and her Rachel Berry like diva-tude and Naya Rivera and her, well, bat poop craziness. She’s hot. She has a good voice. Normally, I wouldn’t care about behind the scenes drama but considering insiders claim her loopiness is the reason one of my favorite characters – beloved mohawk bad boy, Puck – has seen a dramatic decrease in screen time this season, I have no choice but to care. These insiders claim that Rivera and the adorable actor that plays Puck, Mark Salling, had a little fling and Rivera wasn’t pleased that Mark wasn’t as committed to that fling as she was. How did she respond? By being a professional and putting hard feelings aside because they’re co-stars on the same show? Of course not. She keyed his car and is rumored to have started a relationship with a higher up on the show which she then used to convince the higher up to push Mark and his character into the background. Is any of it true? Well, the cast isn’t talking about it in public, but everyone knows what’s going on and talking about it behind the scenes. But hey, who cares, right? She still looks smoking hot. Just check out her body in the snug dress she wore to celebrate her birthday at The Bank, Las Vegas. Who needs morals when you look that good, right Naya?