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May 3, 2013
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Miley Cyrus Gets A Little Cheeky

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here at HQ Celebrity but I’m back now and what better way to celebrate than with a little Miley Cyrus butt cheek. As I’ve said many times in the past, I’m really a fan of Miley’s new look but I’m not too sure about this particular outfit. While it looks great on her, I’ve never been a fan of shorts so short a woman’s butt hangs out. It just seems a little trashy. With that said, she looks pretty comfortable and she looks like she’s fine with showing a little behind so I can’t say too much about it. She’s a pretty lady and it’s great to see her really coming in to her own. These are great pictures, even if I do have mixed feelings about the short shorts.

Miley Cyrus Gets A Little Cheeky

February 21, 2009
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Anna Kournikova And A Little Tennis

Are you wondering where Anna Kournikova disappeared?  Well, the lucky ones got to see this sexy long legged beauty playing a  ace or two at the friendly mixed doubles, 2009 Champions Cup. She looked really cute in a full sleeve top orange tee teemed with a short black skirt cum shorts. The look was not to be missed keeping in terms with her ever poplar braids during her tennis heydays. As far as style is concerned, you couldn’t miss her perfectly manicured black painted nails and the little black wristbands. Here’s one former tennis star who certainly is the perfect model and does uphold the sex tennis star title.

Anna Kournikova and a little tennis

March 24, 2013

Kristin Cavallari Takes A Stroll In Midtown Manhattan.

I just don’t get Kristin Cavallari. Let’s say a beautiful woman is like a cake. There need to be certain ingredients present if you want the cake to be really tasty. Kristen has all those ingredients but once they’re all mixed together, baked in the oven and slathered with a generous coat of frosting, something still feels like it’s missing. I can’t figure out what that is. She’s pretty. She has a great body. She has decent fashion sense yet … something about her just kind of makes me yawn. That isn’t true all of the time. There are Kristin Cavallari photos out there I love but there are a lot that I don’t. These photos from Midtown Manhattan, NYC fall into the latter category and I can’t really figure out why. I like her outfit (assuming that’s fake fur) and I think she looks pretty but I’m still bored and a little sleepy. Maybe next time.

Kristin Cavallari Takes A Stroll In Midtown Manhattan.

March 6, 2013

Selena Gomez Looks Absolutely Incredible.

I’ve always been of the opinion that Selena Gomez is a little too adorable to really be hot. That seems to be changing dramatically as she gets older. She’s taking on a much sexier image but she’s doing it in such a smart way. She isn’t being trashy or getting herself mixed up in dramatic sex scandals. Instead, she’s showing off a more mature side of herself and that shows in these photos. Sure she’s filming in these photos from LA but I think the overall point remains the same. She’s growing up but she’s doing it in such a classy way. I can think of a few of her contemporaries who could take notes from this young woman.

Selena Gomez Looks Absolutely Incredible.

January 18, 2013
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Demi Moore Still Looks Incredible In A Bikini.

I can be a little hard on Demi Moore sometimes but only because I worry about her. She’s a beautiful lady and she’s a talented lady but I sometimes think she’s trying a little too hard to stay youthful. She’s isn’t a teenager anymore and she doesn’t seem to understand that. Of course, pointing that out makes me a complete hypocrite. I’m 30 and have a very hard time remembering I’m not 16 anymore. In any event, Demi looks fantastic in these photos from Mexico. She still has an incredible body. I don’t think she looks like she’s trying too hard to be young in these photos. I would’ve preferred to see a matching bikini or even a mix and match bikini with solid colors but that’s just nit picking. Hypocritical and nit picky in the same post. This has been a good one for me.

Demi Moore Still Looks Incredible in a Bikini.

January 7, 2013
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Victoria Silvstedt Is One Of Those Women You Either Love Or Hate.

There are very few women I write about on here that cause as much mixed feedback as Victoria Silvstedt does. Some people seem to really dislike her while others, myself included, think she’s gorgeous. Of course, we all know that old saying, “Beauty in in the eye of the beholder”. In my eyes, Victoria is stunning. Has she had a little work done? Probably but so have a lot of people on this site. I don’t think it’s fair to hold that against her. There are women out there who have clearly gone too far with the plastic surgery but I don’t think Victoria is one of them. She still looks like a human being. I think any work she’s had done has just enhanced her natural beauty and has helped ward off the aging process. She looks fantastic to me and I absolutely love these photos.

Victoria Silvstedt is one of those women you either love or hate.

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