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July 17, 2013
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Jennifer Nicole Lee Nip Slip?

Is it really a nip slip if it’s apparently intentional? I mean, Jennifer Nicole Lee took her bikini top off at a pool in Miami with cameras snapping away. She couldn’t have been surprised that a little nipple made an appearance. I typically don’t care about nip slips because, hey, accidents happen, but I’m a little less forgiving when it comes to taking your bikini top off in front of the paparazzi. It just feels a little desperate. All the same, I won’t give Jennifer too much of a hard time about it. Maybe she didn’t know the cameras were there or maybe she just wanted to air out the girls and hey – nip slip or purposeful nip flashing aside, she looks pretty fantastic in these photos. I give Jennifer a hard time often enough that I can think I can let it slide this time.

July 17, 2013

Rihanna Nip Slip Shots

Full disclosure. I have been all over these pictures of Rihanna in concert in Monaco and I don’t see a nipslip but the info that came with these photos said there is one. I’m not sure how I’m missing it. I am, however, very sure I had a great time looking for it. Perhaps you will too. But please, if you see it, please let me know which photo it’s in in the comments below. Thanks! Ha. I feel like I’m looking for a lost dog or something. I can just picture what those “lost” posters would look like. Anyway, I can’t really write about what I can’t see but I can definitely write about what I can see and what I can see is a whole lot of sexy. I just love the way Rihanna works the stage. I’d love to see her in concert. Maybe one day.

June 15, 2013
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Rosie Jones, Rhian Sugden Lingerie Shoot With Nip Slip

I love it when everything just seems to come together perfectly in a photoshoot. This is a great example. What we have here is two of the sexiest British models working in the fashion industry today clad in black lingerie posing for a few photos together. How could this shoot be anything other than smoking hot? We also have a very slight nip slip which, while not a big deal to me, is probably going to make some of you very happy. I love everything about these photos. I love the stunning models in them. I love the lingerie. I love the posts. Yes, I really do love everything. This is such a sexy, sexy shoot. I can barely even deal.

April 12, 2013
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Amy Markham Nipslip

I have to be honest. I’m not really all that familiar with Amy Markham. I know she’s a model from Texas and have seen some of her professional shots but she’s never really stood out for me. Looking at these photos, I can’t understand why. This woman is beautiful. She has a terrific body and clearly isn’t afraid to show it off. My only complaint is the bikini she’s wearing. While I’m sure I’m the only person looking at these photos that would complain, I am an honest person and so I feel the need to be honest. The bikini is just a bit too small for her. It should be at least a size bigger. Of course, we wouldn’t have the nip slip if it was, so I suppose there’s that. I just find women who wear bikinis that are obviously too small for them a little bit on the trashy side and I’m not attracted to trashy. Even so, this one isn’t all that bad and aside from the nipple peeking out in some of the photos, it looks good on her.

January 18, 2013

Eva Longoria Nip Slip?

I’ve been staring at these photos of Eva Longoria from the Warner Bros InStyle Golden Globes Party in Beverly Hills for quite some time now and I just can’t decide if I’m actually seeing what I think I’m seeing. Is that a nip slip? It kind of looks like it is but at the same time, it kind of looks like it isn’t. Either way, Eva looks absolutely gorgeous as always. Her figure is out of this world. I love what she’s chosen to wear here. It’s a bit racy, sure, but Eva can easily pull that off. My favorite part of the pictures though? “Arrow” star Stephen Amell making a cameo. I know I’m supposed to write about the girls but I can’t help commenting on how absolutely gorgeous Stephen is. Seeing Stephen and Eva in the same pictures? Almost too much hot for me to handle.

January 4, 2013

Claudia Galanti Nip Slip.

I have a lot of favorite models but Claudia Galanti flew under the radar for me for a long time. That has really been changing as of late. From her gorgeous bikini pics to this new set of behind the scenes shots from a photo shoot, Claudia is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites. There isn’t a thing about this woman I don’t find appealing. I do sometimes feel a little back and forth on her but I suppose that’s just the way things go. A lot of the issue for me has been based on specific pictures that have left me a little underwhelmed but that really doesn’t have anything to do with Claudia herself, but rather the pictures. I can’t really fault Claudia for that. As for these photos? Stunning – nip slip and all. Would this really be considered a nip slip though? I mean, the entire breast is out. A boob slip, maybe?