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October 12, 2012
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Jennifer Nicole Lee In A Teeny Tiny Bikini.

I know I sometimes give Jennifer Nicole Lee a hard time for her, shall we say, risque fashion choices but I’m okay with the bikini she’s wearing in these photos from Las Vegas. While she’s clearly showing a lot of skin, she’s also hanging out by the pool. If there’s ever an appropriate time to show skin in public, it’s pool side or on the beach. I’m not crazy about the over styled hair and what appears to be a fair bit of makeup because I like to see a more natural look at the beach but she looks good, so I can’t complain too much. I like Jennifer, even though I do give her a hard time and these photos are great – some of my favorites of this stunner.

July 23, 2010

Carolina Baldini Is Super Sexy In Tiny Bikini

Carolina Baldini is so hot she should be allowed in the water because her overwhelming hotness is going to boil it. Ladies and gentlemen – get your kids out of the water. It’s about to become a safety hazard. This babe is on fire. There’s no question. Just look at that ass – it’s perfect. Watch out sun worshipers of Miami Beach. Carolina has arrived. If you experience dizziness, blurred vision, nausea or weakness get as far away from Carolina as you can because you are getting heat stroke. This is a woman you need to admire for a safe distance. Remember, do not look directly at that ass or you may suffer permanent damage to your sight because that thing is so smoking hot it may burn your retinas. Always wear sunglasses when beholding such beauty. Safety first, folks.

June 18, 2009

Tori Spelling Looking Skinny In Her Tiny Bikini

Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling is spotted holidaying in Hawaii with husband Dean and Son Liam on her tiny red bikini that turns to made her looking skinny. She might have the right body shape but her ass simply proves that she needs to indulge some fats to add it up in this part of her body. Ms Tori has tiny, cute and pretty face and with her sunglasses on made it looks even smaller. Despite of these not so good looks on her on these photos, people must be aware that Tori also had a book entitled sTORI Telling that debuted on The New York Times Magazine’s Best Sellers list.

Tori Spelling

June 10, 2009

Kelly Brook’s Red Tiny Bikini Photos

Piranha 3-D star Kelly Brook looks like having fun with co-star Riley Steele, which play as Kelly’s best friend on the film. The ladies look like having fun together as they playfully checks it other’s swim wear. Kelly is looking sexy in her red tiny bikini and the long toned legs are a reason enough why every British woman got envy on her. The sexy curves makes her looking perfect in her bikini and the playful moves made her ever sexier as she and co-star Riley Steele pose for photographs at the set of Piranha 3-D, an upcoming Alexandra Aja horror thriller.

Kelly Brook

May 28, 2009

Cameron Diaz In A Series Of Tiny Bikinis

Actress Cameron Diaz, just like any other celebrities, looks like loving the hot summer sun as she enjoys vacationing on beaches in a series of tiny bikinis. In these photos, Cameron has a super lovely and beautifully shaped body, but the shapely ass might be the missing link. But then, despite of that, Cameron still looks lovely on those tiny bikinis in green and stripes of pink. In addition, she also was able to enjoy the clear waters of the beaches. One thing that is noticeable to Cameron on these photos is her long shapely legs that perfectly complements on her fair shaped body.

Cameron Diaz

December 29, 2008
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Elle Macpherson’s Tiny Bikini Pictures

Elle Macpherson, 44, wore the tiniest of bikinis while out on the beach in Sydney, Australia. Macpherson had a whale of a time at Bondi beach. Macpherson met her friends at the Surf Side café for breakfast on December 28. She went skiing and exercised off her breakfast calories. Other relaxing water activities for Macpherson included swimming and taking a cruise along the coastline. Macpherson was seen flirting with Dave Evans, the lead singer of AC/DC. Evans is also the owner of Hugo fashions. Time will tell if the two will stick together.

Elle Macpherson