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Demi Lovato Makes Me Giddy

I want to be best friends with Demi Lovato. Sure she’s a bit younger than me but I think we’d have a lot of fun together. We could talk about music and … whatever it is people her age talk about with their friends. It’s kind of weird though. I have some weird older sister instincts when it comes to Demi. I’m very protective of her. Perhaps I feel like I know what she’s gone through or perhaps I just know what it’s like to struggle through the troublesome teenage years. Either way, it irks me when people talk trash about someone who has clearly had a rough go of it at certain points in her life. I respect Demi in a way I respect few young celebrities. She owned up to her problems and took steps to try to improve herself. That takes guts. I appreciate that. I think more entertainers should be like her. She’s an excellent role model in a world where there are few excellent role models to be found.

Published: 8 years ago
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Megan Fox Is Fresh And New To Me Again

For a few months a while back, Megan Fox seemed to be everywhere. Someone was always talking about how how she was or how she said something shocking and outrageous in an interview. Then … well, things cooled down. We didn’t see Megan as much and I liked that. I liked that a lot. Sometimes when someone is everywhere, the best thing they can do is back off a bit and wait for the right time to pop up again. While I think this is a fairly old photoshoot, it reminds me of how much I loved Megan before I got tired of her. How much did I love her? A whole lot. It seems like it’s been forever and a day since I’ve seen her so this was a nice treat. Maybe the time as come for her to step back into the spotlight again. She would be wise to avoid being quite so crazy in the press this time though. While I like an outspoken woman, being shocking for the sake of being shocking gets old fast and can make an actress (or an actor, let’s be fair) seem ungreatful.

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Malin Akerman Shows Off Her Legs

I’m a big Malin Akerman fan. I think she’s a beautiful, talented young woman that has a unique approach to the entertainment industry I think will pay off big time in the long run. Malin seems like the kind of actress that chooses her roles carefully. The benefit there is that she gains credibility and gets the chance to really show off what she can do. Some young actresses seem to focus solely on the jobs that will get them the most attention and put the most money in their bank account but Malin seems willing to take smaller, more artistically fulfilling roles as well. I think she’ll have a great career, even if she has to wait a while to become a household name.

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Paris Hilton Almost Lets Her Boobs Flop Out At The Pumpkin Patch

Say what you want about Paris Hilton but I have to give her serious credit for not going for the cliche “pumpkins for boobs” pose. It’s not like Paris to pass up an obvious opportunity to get her picture in magazines so I have to give her credit when she does. Of course, she may not have wanted to cover up her own sweater puppies as they are by far the best thing (best things?) about these shots. Don’t get me wrong. Paris looks great in these shots and I’m really liking the dress but the cleavage is clearly the star of the show here. Great photos. It’s nice to see Paris still out and about. This also, however, serves as a reminder that soon – very soon, in fact – Halloween will be here and we’ll all be treated to pictures of various Hollywood starlets in the trashiest Halloween costumes possible. The two I’m looking most forward to? The lady in these photos, of course, and Heidi Klum. These ladies always bring it big time.

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Nicole Scherzinger Doesn’t Look Like Herself

I’ve seen a lot of Nicole Scherzinger photos and videos and she always looks basically the same. Sure the costumes change but she still looks like the same girl. That’s not the case in these photos from London, at least not to me. Maybe it’s the sunglasses that are throwing me off but I didn’t recognize her at all at first glance. Of course, that isn’t to say she doesn’t look lovely because she does. She just looks lovely in a different way. I like these shots a lot. People like to talk about Nicole’s personality (or lack thereof, depending on who you talk to) but I haven’t heard many people take pot shots at her appearance. There’s just not much to pick on there. The lady is stunning – even when she doesn’t quite look like the girl I’m used to seeing.

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Hayden Panettiere Looks Lovely Here But I’m Still Sad

Why is it that the vast majority of television watchers always seem to choose to watch the worst shows out there while really solid shows like Nashville struggle to draw people in? I just don’t get it. Nashville has everything a show should need to draw people in. It has drama, romance, comedy and of course, it also has hot people. It has a lot of hot people including the lovely young lady in these photos, Miss. Hayden Panettiere. This lady is gorgeous. She’s so talented and she seems so down to earth. I don’t think it would be possible for me to love her more. Sadly, it doesn’t look like her show is going to be around for a third season and that makes me ragey. Come on people – watch Nashville. For me. This show needs a third season!