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December 30, 2008

Katy Perry’s Cameltoe And Lady Bits

Katy Perry wore her sexy green bikini while vacationing in Mexico. Perry had the wonderful opportunity to show her cameltoe and other lady bits. Perry has taken her holiday to recharge her batteries. Her fans had Perry’s message about change and keeping updated on contemporary fashions. Perry said she intends to keep changing her game. Perry is set to return to work on New Year’s Eve. Carson Daly will have Perry as a guest on his broadcast.

Katy Perry

October 20, 2008

Tara Reid’s Silver Bikini Pictures

Tara Reid let it all hang loose in a silver bikini when she was at Miami Beach. While Reid looked slim, her thighs told another story. The back of her thighs had wrinkled skin and bad news. It was always hard work to maintain a beautiful body and even the skinny people get odd looking parts. Reid had fun teasing the photographer. She shot a gun, pointed him out to her girlfriend and alternated between smiles and annoyance at being photographed.

Tara Reid

August 4, 2009

Hot Ass Of Carolina Baldini

If you want to see some hot ass, nice abs, and a little of cameltoe, then you should be in the beach where the hot ass of Carolina Baldini is. The sexy model is now back to the world of modeling after she got married to a football player Simeone and promised to be back. Wearing a white two-piece white bikini, Carolina looks extremely sexy. The nice tan she got made her bikini stand out and noticeable. Women will definitely get envy of her honed and toned body, and of the amazingly long legs is what every woman loves to have.

Carolina Baldini

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