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November 13, 2011

Mariah Carey For Jenny Craig

Mariah Carey is the new Jenny Craig Brand Ambassador. It makes sense. Much like brand ambassadors of the past, Mariah has very publicly struggled with her weight for years. She started off smoking hot and skinny. She was then a little meaty. Then she was more than a little meaty. Then she was skinny again. To be honest, I’ve always though Mariah was hot, regardless of her weight. She can pull off the bigger girl thing. She makes curves look sexy. At the same time, remember how freaking hot she was in the “Honey” video? In that gold bikini? Good heavens. I’m getting all warm just thinking about it. Anyway, it’s good to see Mariah is taking control of her weight. I just hope she has more success with the battle of the bulge than past Jenny Craig spokeswomen.

July 22, 2009

Eva Mendes Looks Extremely Hot In A Bikini

Hot American actress Eva Mendes soaks up the sun in Italy displaying her beautiful tan. The 2 Fast 2 Furious star is obviously proud of her beautiful tan and that she is showing it with all her tiny black bikini. Eva can have the beautiful shape, but her abs has some fats that bulge in some of the photos, but still the beauty of Eva Mendes stands out. Despite of some fats, the long shapely legs, and the nice shoulder brings out the beauty in her. Look at her from the back and you will surely love her sexy ass.

Eva Mendes

June 17, 2009

Bikini Babe Kimberly Walsh By The Pool

These are great images for all who swear by Kimberly Walshs sexiness. She was seen chilling with her boyfriend Justin Scott and the seemed quite engaged in each other. Kimberly certainly knows how to strike the right pose as is evident in these bikini photos. That cowboy hat didn’t do much for her and that little bulge in the stomach isn’t very appealing either. Guess it’s too much muscle but we’re sure she’s always busy toning herself. Just a matter of time for a little slimming but she doesn’t look out of shape now either, and we’re sure there will be more bikini episodes through the summer.

Kimberly Walsh

December 20, 2007

Nicole Kidman Makes Beautiful Look So Easy!

Now here is the every so stylish and stunning Nicole Kidman attending the premiere of The Golden Compass in Australia. I have to say, not many people could pull off a figure hugging two piece satin ensemble. Satin is known to be not very kind to bumps and bulges, which for Nicole is a moot point because she doesn’t have any! She pulled off her standard elegance and class in this stunning number that is right in line with this season’s metallic trends. Gorgeous, gosh, how does she make it look so easy!

Nicole Kidman