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March 27, 2010

Amelle Berrabah In An Upskirt Mode

The event was the celebration of British pop singer Rochelle Wiseman’s 21st birthday. Though it was Rochelle’s night, the talk of the night was Amelle Berrabah for her obscene dressing sense. Amelle had arrived at the party in a chauffeur driven car and as soon as she arrived, her car was surrounded by paparazzi. They started taking Amelle’s pictures but were waiting for the perfect picture of her getting off the car. When the moment came, photographers were in for a little more than her upskirt picture. Amelle was wearing a free flow dress with no underwear. Surely looking for some cheap publicity, the British Morrocan star forgot to get her legs in shape before such an act.

August 21, 2009
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Upskirt Peek Of Kristin Cavallari

While having a pedicure done at Pastel Nails & Spa Salon in Beverly Hills, California, Kristin Cavallari nicely shows some upskirt peek to the paparazzi around her. The Hills star looks like pampering herself and the casual look shows it off. It seems like Kristin knows how a reality TV show star should look like. Just before her pedicure in Pastel Nails & Spa Salon, Kristin first visits Neil George Salon that day. Cavallari looks very relaxed in her pedicure seat while playing with her mobile phones. Aside from The Hills, Kristin Cavallari stars as herself in Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

Kristin Cavallari

August 10, 2009

Great Upskirt Shots Of Kristin Cavallari

Summer time is bikini time. Most of the ladies enjoys this season of the year and so as Kristin Cavallari. Wearing a tiny pair of bikini can be a normal thing. However Kristin does some extraordinary pose that made the eyes of the paparazzi and probably the people around her. The great upskirt shot of Kristin can be extraordinary for me as something shown is like not normal. I am quite bothered at it, but probably it does make everybody’s eyes and mind wander. Anyway, Kristin must probably did some fun under the sun as she happily plays, beach tennis in one of the great beaches in Malibu.

July 30, 2009

Upskirt Photos Of Pixie Lott

English singer-songwriter and dancer Pixie Lott is performing at the Party in The Park concert in Leeds with her cute short upskirt photos. She can be wearing a black cycling short, and you will notice that the legs are hot. The young singer looks cute in her multi-colored knitted dress. This sexy cute lady has some curves and nice legs that in few years from now, she will surely be one of those hit makers we have in on the charts. With the beautiful looks that Pixie got, just like any other singers, she will definitely be one of the darlings soon.

Pixie Lott

July 26, 2009

Closeup Upskirt Photos Of Ali Larter

Heroes actress Ali Larter was spotted having a relaxing walk and was successfully shoot with a close-up upskirt photos. With all the ass skin shows, I must say that she has a nice clean ass. The first time I glanced at these photos, I cannot help but throw a big smile on my face. The orange haltered dress looks good on her and looks even better as she goes down that causes to show off her ass. I am not sure what she is doing down there. What I am sure about is that, many of the eyes around here are rolling to witness the wonderful show that is happening live on the busy sidewalks where Ali Larter was. Enough reading, go check those upskirt photos!

Ali Larter

July 13, 2009

Wow Upskirt From Katy Perry

Performing live during the music festival in Kinross, Katy Perry does not only throw in excellent performance but also a wow! and Eye-rolling upskirt. Wearing her red-checkered dress, Katy also able to show off her nice ample bosoms wherein she managed to cover it with her hands in one of the photos. The dress also hugs Katy’s beautiful shape making it a good fit to her. Katy is again performing happily, which is already a normal thing to her when performing and for us to see. With the inflatable strawberries around, Katy looks even livelier and happier in this performance.

Katy Perry