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April 4, 2008

Kylie Minogue Chats With Craig Ferguson

Kylie Minogue was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She wanted to promote her latest album, “X”. She especially desired to crack the US market and win new fans. Her Roman style tunic dress was beautiful and gave her an excuse to sit with legs tucked in and up. Her repertoire was well planned but a little short of the insight. Her knees and legs reflected her age. She should have kept them down.

Kylie Minogue

March 31, 2008

Sophie Monk’s Dress Rides High

What happens when a beauty looks about in a short dress? Sophie Monk had a cameraman lurking around her when she was shopping in LA. He looked like he was trying to sneak in a few upskirt shots. There was one typical thing with women who sling handbags across the shoulders. They generally forget that their top of skirt hitches up with the stress and strain of the additional burden. So we see this with Sophie too. Her thighs are so beautiful. They encourage the eyes to travel upwards…

Sophie Monk

March 18, 2008
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Nell McAndrew Is Your Angel

Nell McAndrew is all dressed and set to be your guardian angel. She wants to soothe your tired eyes with an upskirt photographic pose and ease your hunger pains with some sweet chips. She was the first British woman to pose nude for Playboy in 1999. That photo session got her fired from her role as the official Lara Croft model for the video game called as the Tomb Raider in 1998. She has never looked back since Playboy.

Nell Mcandrew

January 27, 2008

Tara Reid And Her White T-back

Our favorite party girl and nuthead Tara Reid’s back! Everybody make some noise! And guess what she’s up to? Why, she’s back to wearing black tights that can still tease you with her white underwear. Well, it’s either her underwear’s white or she has nothing on but she’s got a well shaved p*ssy. Just check the photos out after the jump. It’ll be something well worth to check out! And please, can you leave comments? Thanks guys!

Tara Reid Upskirt

January 25, 2008
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Chantelle Houghton’s Pearl Sparkles

Chantelle Houghton, former contestant in Celebrity Big Brother, has become more beautiful and glamorous. She had breast implants and her boobs were increased from 32B into a 32DD. When she was walking, her boobs went way out before her.

Chantelle was arriving at Chinawhite’s in London when she was snapped. Her short dress had hitched all the way up to her crotch and wow! Her crotch really shone like a sparkle from a gem stone. The realistic explanation would be that the camera caught a glimmer of her sequined panties. Take a hint, buy sequined panties!

Chantelle Houghton

December 3, 2007

The Classy Katie Jordan Price

And by classy, I mean the opposite… because can you really expect something calm, classy and ultra prim and proper from someone like Katie Jordan Price? Really now. Katie shows her skivvies (and innards, almost) in these pictures. She also places a big smooch on a girl’s lips and treats all of you horny, full blooded males to a peep show of her derriere. Hmm… should this really be the image that she wants to show to everyone? A new mother who hawks pink hairstyle equipment and who also shows everyone her skivvies?

Katie Jordan Price Pnaties