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July 1, 2013
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Courtney Stodden Continues Her Desperate Press Grab

I’m sorry but there is just nothing redeeming about this woman to me. I mean, literally nothing. Yes she’s hot but there are lots and lots of hot women out there. What else does she have to offer? I’ve written about her many, many times which has required a fair bit of research. That research has told me that aside from a hot body, she doesn’t have anything to offer that’s interesting or new. These photos are kind of cute but I’d actually prefer seeing her wearing something a little less revealing. Now thatĀ would be interesting and new. We get it, Courtney. You look good in your undies. How about showing us something we haven’t seen a million times. Just imagine these photos of herĀ riding her bike and playing Volleyball at beach in L. A but instead of being half naked, she was wearing a cute little skirt and a top that didn’t just barely cover her breasts. In my opinion, the photos would be much hotter. I don’t see why she just doesn’t do porn and get it over with. Anyone with even half a brain knows that’s where she’s headed anyway.

June 30, 2013

Courtney Stodden Poses For Another Ridiculous Photoshoot

Isn’t Courtney Stodden’s fifteen minutes of fame up yet? It’s gotta be close. I know, I know. I’m just contributing to the problem by writing about her but it’s my job to write about the photos assigned to me and these photos have been assigned to me so here we are. I get that she’s attractive or whatever so some people like to see photos of her half naked but surely that number of people has to be small. There must be far more people out there who look at the “teen bride” and see desperation and a total lack of self respect. This young lady is almost certainly heading down a bad road. There doesn’t seem to be anyone in her life willing to tell her this is not the way a girl needs to go about getting approval. With all of that said, she does look good in this photoshoot in Hollywood so I guess that will please some people. I’m a big fan of the bikini top/denim shorts combo but I can’t seem to get into these photos – likely because I look at Courtney and I don’t feel anything but sad for this kid.

May 16, 2013
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Courtney Stodden Is All Class

Boy, Courtney Stodden is one class act, isn’t she. These pictures from LA might be shocking if they featured anyone other than the “teen bride” but since they are of this particular no talent celebrity, they’re really just more of the same. We get it. You know you’re hot and you think showing off your body will make people love you. I’m sure it works on some people but most of us just think you’re trashy. You’re worse than trashy, actually – you’re shamelessly trashy. I will be incredibly surprised if this woman isn’t staring in porn by year’s end. I’d be even more shocked if it was porn worth watching. I mean, why spend money to see Courtney Stodden naked when you can pretty much see it for free every time someone photographs her going out for groceries. This woman makes me feel sad for what celebrity culture has become. Remember when a person had to be talented to be famous? Yeah, me neither.

March 24, 2013

Courtney Stodden, You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Every time I’m assigned a set of Courtney Stodden pictures, I tell myself that I’m going to be open minded and not have a preconceived notion of what I should expect. I tell myself that the set of photos will be different than all of the other ones we’ve seen. I tell myself she’ll have found some self respect hidden at the bottom of her lingerie drawer and realize she doesn’t have to be half naked to be worth something. Then I open the photos and it’s more of the same old thing. We get it Courtney. You have a nice body. What else do you have? Can you act? Can you sing? Can you do anything other than strike the same exact poses in different costumes. I have to say though, this new set of photos is an all time low for this girl. “Washing a car” in a teeny tiny bikini and big ass heels? That’s not new. It’s not interesting. It’s been done and it’s been done better. If you’re going to steal the same idea a million other women had before you, at least do it better. Otherwise you wind up looking like a lame imitation. You want to be shocking and get attention? Show us you have a brain in that bleach blonde head. That would be truly mind blowing.

December 31, 2012
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Courtney Stodden Is Still Completely Ridiculous.

These are a little late but does it even matter? Sure these latest Courtney Stodden pictures have a Christmas theme but I don’t think it matters. For many, holidays are for family, traditions and celebrating. For Courtney, they seem to be an excuse to get as naked as possible and have someone take pictures of her. Easter? Put on bunny ears and get naked. Christmas? Put on a Santa hat and get naked. It’s ridiculous. She’s ridiculous. The whole thing is ridiculous. My wish for 2013? That this girl puts on some clothes and finds some self respect. Not likely but a girl can hope.

November 23, 2012
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Courtney Stodden Is Thankful For Attention.

I really don’t want to hate on these photos because I respect PETA and everything they stand for (although I think they go a little too far sometimes and that takes away from their message) but by allowing ‘Teen Bride’ Courtney Stodden to pose half naked for them does more damage than good, as far as I’m concerned. It just doesn’t seem like PETA has any standards anymore. I don’t believe Courtney has the moral convictions that PETA represents. As an organization, PETA can occasionally come across as a little too pushy but at least the intentions are usually good. It feels like Courtney saw this as just another chance to get her name and face in the headlines and that bothers me. I could be wrong entirely. Maybe Courtney is a passionate supporter of animal rights and really believes in what PETA stands for but until now, the only thing Courtney has shown any passion for is being famous.