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October 2, 2008
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Eva Mendes In Elle Fashion Shoot

Eva Mendes did a photo shoot session for Elle magazine. She was beautiful, sexy and seductive. Mendes is her own best fan. She was spotted carrying a stack of magazines with herself on them. She must be giving them away. Mendes is dating George Gargurevich, a producer. However, she disclosed that she is attracted to people of both gender. Her current favorite female celebrity is Keira Knightley. Mendes said she had a crush on Knightley.

Eva Mendes

September 17, 2008
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Eva Mendes Promotes Secret Obsession

Eva Mendes was in Rome to promote the launch of the new Calvin Klein fragrance called Secret Obsession. She wore a prim and proper, office girl dress to tone down her image, since her perfume ad showed her stark naked. Mendes has balanced her public image and shown herself to be a serious model. In a bid to brush over the rumors about her lack of a public romance, Mendes said she has a secret crush on Mick Jagger. Would you believe that?

Eva Mendes

September 9, 2008

Eva Mendes’ Plunging Neckline

Eva Mendes was at Calvin Klein’s 40th anniversay celebrations, held on Sept. 7. She wore a gown with a plunging neckline. Mendes has been in the popular news because of her banned ad. Mendes went naked for Calvin Klein’s Secret Obession perfume ad. She appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and spoke about how the censors in US had problems with nudity. Mendes’ ad was passed in Europe but banned in the US because it exposed one sexy nipple. Jay Leno aired the ad but had the breast pixilated. The audience in the studio cheered with approval for Eva Mendes.

Eva Mendes

September 8, 2008
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Eva Mendes So Comfy On The Sofa

Guess who was recently at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno looking so pretty and composed in a beautiful flowy peach dress? Hitch star and recent rehabee Eva Mendes of course! The Latina beauty, who’s the recent endorser for the Calvin Klein perfume line, sat comfortably on the sofa right beside Jay. She even had her feet up on the sofa! The sexy Eva looked so refreshed as she answered Jay’s hottah hottah questions. I bet she captured millions of men’s hearts that night!

Eva Mendes

August 27, 2008
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Eva Mendes Pretty In Sheer Yellow

Newest Calvin Klein endorser Eva Mendes looked absolutely H-O-T in a yellow maxi dress during the official launch party for ACP Magazine’s “30 Days of Fashion and Beauty” in Melbourne, Australia. Eva was definitely looking pretty down under! The controversial “Hitch” star, who underwent rehab in the past few months, looked simple, casual but definitely elegant in her sheer yellow strapless dress. Notice how thin the material of her dress is!

Eva Mendes

July 8, 2008
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Eva Mendes Photoshoot For Flaunt

Eva Mendes did a beautiful photoshoot for Flaunt magazine. She wore her favorite kind of necklines – the type that opens to show generous exposure of flesh. Recently, Eva has been questioned again for her mysterious time spent at Cirque Lodge, a famous rehab clinic for celebrities. She refused to confirm or deny any rumors. Eva said that it was better for people not to know too much because they would lose their ideals about her.

Eva Mendes

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