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February 10, 2011
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Fergie In Some Type Of Sparkly Leather Getup

For those of you that don’t know, Super Bowl XLV took place in Dallas this passed Sunday and the Black Eyed Peas performed for the half time show. Apparently there were some sound problems but the show was pretty well received over all until – whoa, holy crap! There’s Slash and there’s Fergie trying to sing ‘Sweet Child O Mine’. Axl Rose is a douchebag of the highest order. We all know this but the guy can sing. Fergie… tried and God love her for it. So… I don’t like talkin’ smack about Fergie because she frightens me. This puts me in an awkward position. Hey! Look how good she… looks… in that… whatever it is she’s wearing. Yeah. I’m done with this one.

September 3, 2010
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Fergie Shows Off Her Butt Cheeks

Is it any surprise that a woman who shamelessly sings about her humps, her humps, her humps, her humps isn’t afraid to parade around and show off those lovely lady lumps? Not any surprise at all. If you’re shocked by Fergie-Ferg’s butt baring shorts, you haven’t been paying attention to this babe’s career. That said, this girl can really sing when she wants to. I’m a pretty big fan, actually. I think her talent and what appears to be genuine passion for music sets her apart from her peers. Sure she shows off her tits and her ass on a regular basis, but when she put on a little weight, she wasn’t the least bit ashamed. That’s why I love the girl. She’s real and I respect that. It doesn’t hurt that she has a hot ass, either.

January 6, 2009
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Fergie’s Rear

Fergie and her girlfriend were taking a walk through a park when these pictures were taken. One picture showed Fergie’s rear. Fergie has remained secretive about the date of her wedding to Josh Duhamel. Gossips have learnt that the probable date for Fergie and Duhamel’s wedding is this Saturday, Jan. 10. Fergie said she would have to delay starting a family because she has to tour with her band, the Black Eyed Peas. Fergie said Duhamel and herself want to have babies together.

Fergie's rear

November 13, 2008
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Fergie’s Fuller Figure

Fergie was at the “Today Show” on Wed. morning to help launch the new Swarovski star for the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. Fergie showed off her new, fuller figure in a black-and-white printed dress with stockings and heels. Stacy Ferguson, aka Fergie, said that she was gaining some weight to play a character in the movie, “Nine.” Fergie has already piled on 13 pounds! She ate fried, oily food like fish and chips. Fergie was confident she could lose all that weight. She said she would eat more salads!


September 29, 2008

Fergie Sings At Seminole Hard Rock Live

Fergie, aka Stacy Ferguson, performed at Hollywood’s Seminole Hard Rock Live, in South Florida, last weekend. Fergie appeared before her act to donate a portion of her ticket sales to the Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital in Hollywood. Fergie handed over her check for $20,000. At a pre0-concert event, Fergie said she was happy to participate in the Ambassadors of Rock concert. During the show, Fergie sang “Here I Come”, and many others of her radio hits.


August 14, 2008

Fergie’s Mini Jumpsuit In London

Fergie, aka Stacy Ferguson, has been in London recently. Fergie touched down at Heathrow International Airport on August 13. Her assistant had more than a handful of luggage to handle. Fergie checked into her hotel room and changed into this fabulous safari style mini jumpsuit. Her Christian Louboutin shoes helped her with the walking. Do you think Fergie’s Louis Vuitton handbag held her favorite mineral water? She had been drinking Evians at Butter, in NY, on Monday.