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December 21, 2013
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Jennifer Aniston Is Still A Proper Hottie

Yeah, yeah – she’s making some weird faces in these shots and may not have the super knockout body she used to but I couldn’t giving a flying fig about any of that. Jennifer Aniston will always be one of the most beautiful women in the world in my eyes. Well, maybe not always. I’m sure she won’t appeal to me when she’s in her elder years but I’m sure I’ll still like her – just in a different way. Perhaps my afffection for Ms. Aniston informs my opinion of these shots of the lady in Hawaii. Biased or not though, I like the pics. What else can I say?

July 26, 2013
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Jennifer Aniston Fuels Those Baby Rumors

I have been a Jennifer Aniston fan for a long, long time and it seems like I’ve been hearing baby rumors about her since the very start. I don’t know why people want Jennifer to be pregnant so badly but wearing loose billowy dresses like the one she’s wearing in these photos probably don’t do anything to keep those rumors at bay. I don’t care though. Pregnant or not, I think Jennifer is fantastic and I think she looks great in these photos. I love the hat and the sunglasses and I think she looks as lovely as ever. I also sincerely doubt she’s pregnant. Hey, sometimes a girl just likes to be comfortable!

December 2, 2010
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Jennifer Aniston Stunning In Purple Bikini

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t understand why everyone feels so sorry for her. It’s pretty simple, really. It has a little something to do with a woman named Angelina Jolie, a man named Brad Pitt and the fact that the world just can’t let go. I sincerely doubt Aniston gives much thought to Brad these days. It’s been years which is pretty much forever by Hollywood standards. If Jen can get over it, maybe we should too. Let’s focus on what’s really important – Jen’s crazy hot body and the fact that she isn’t too shy to show it off. The only news we should be thinking about right now is that Jennifer was on vacation in Mexico and stepped out looking that smoking hot. The best revenge is to live well and it looks like Jen has that down.

May 27, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her Bikini Body

Yes, we all love Jennifer Aniston. But, obviously the star didn’t stop at being the sweet girl, and those who thought her life ended after splitting with Brad have been proven wrong time and again. Her forthcoming film sees her share screen space with a much younger actress but that doesn’t deter Jen, especially if it’s the super hot quotient you’re keen about. So, while filming can be a serious job, having fun isn’t. Jen was seen in a hot pink itsy bitsy bikini, and guess what? She looks gorgeous, and toned, and yes there’s that perfect tan you’d expect at a tropical paradise. If you were expecting a double bonanza, Brooklyn Decker has played her part in a yellow bikini. Talk about bright bikinis on pretty maids.

March 20, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Poses Pretty

Friends was a long time ago, and Jennifer Aniston has been doing enough to move on. A few movies and we still love her. Of course we already know that she doesn’t have the greatest thighs, almost thunderous as per most stats, so here’s a smart Elle magazine photo feature that does compliment her by doing what they do best. You don’t see too much of her legs, clothed or not but we love what’s been captured. Here’s the sexy Jen for you, that modern woman really. That smile is addictive, and you’re just going to love looking at her here.

March 16, 2010

Jennifer Aniston At The Bounty Hunter Premiere

The premiere of the “The Bounty Hunter” in London focused on the glamorous pair in Hollywood, comprising Jennifer Aniston and Gerald Butler who posed cuddled together while walking on the red carpet at the premier. Aniston was wearing a short silver shiny attire along with a black jacket over it while butler was in a sexy grey suit. This pair is said to have fallen for each other on the sets of the movie. The two were also seen together in Mexico where Aniston celebrated her birthday recently along with her friends. Butler denied all reports, which linked Jenifer Aniston with him and added that they had a great time during the filming of the movie. Their pairing up is been termed as fake publicity attempts to publicize their film.

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