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July 26, 2013
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Jennifer Aniston Fuels Those Baby Rumors

I have been a Jennifer Aniston fan for a long, long time and it seems like I’ve been hearing baby rumors about her since the very start. I don’t know why people want Jennifer to be pregnant so badly but wearing loose billowy dresses like the one she’s wearing in these photos probably don’t do anything to keep those rumors at bay. I don’t care though. Pregnant or not, I think Jennifer is fantastic and I think she looks great in these photos. I love the hat and the sunglasses and I think she looks as lovely as ever. I also sincerely doubt she’s pregnant. Hey, sometimes a girl just likes to be comfortable!

August 5, 2009

Jennifer Aniston Sexy And Busy

Jennifer Aniston is undeniably one of the busiest actress as of the moment as she is filming her latest movie, The Bounty. In these scenes, Jennifer is again wearing her sexy high-waist black dress that firmly embraces her beautiful body shape. In some of her photos, it looks like Jennifer has a portable mini fan to cool her off in between takes. Aniston still has the hottest ass in the movie industry and her long legs still has the ability to catch every one’s eyes. Surely, many of Aniston’s fans are now waiting for the release of The Bounty, which is expected to make every viewer laugh and feel in love.

Jennifer Aniston

May 4, 2009

Jennifer Aniston: Lady In Red

It looks like Jennifer Aniston is heading for another day of hard work for her latest romantic comedy film, the Baster. Playing the role of Kassie, Jenifer looks so gorgeous in her beautiful red dress. I am just wondering what she is busy about on the left side of her dress, was it the zipper that took her the time to zip up? Anyway, the 40 years old sexy comedy actress still looks so amazingly beautiful all these days. Jennifer has already started filming the Baster since late March of 2009. Just like in her previous movies, Jennifer will definitely again stand out.

lady in red

February 7, 2009

Jennifer Aniston’s Sexy Pins

Jennifer Aniston was on Jay Leno’s show this week. Aniston wanted to promote her new movie, “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Aniston wore a classic short dress and accessorized with some blings. She showed what sexy pins she had even as she approaches the big 40 this weekend. Aniston will be throwing a birthday party to pamper her friends. She said she freaked out when she discovered a grey hair on her head. Being forty does not look bad on Jennifer Aniston!

Jennifer Aniston

August 14, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Is Dating Matt Felker

Jennifer Aniston was seen attending to her dogs after she parked her car in LA. She has hogged the headlines in celebrity gossip. She has broken up or taken a break from John Mayer. The rumors said John Mayer was responsible for calling a cooling period after he revealed he was not ready for the marriage and baby talk with Jen. Jennifer has hit back and she was seen dating another guy, Matt Felker. Felker is the model in Britney Spears’ old video, “Toxic.”

Jennifer Aniston

August 6, 2008

Jennifer Aniston’s Sexy Back

Jennifer Aniston’s pictures were taken on August 5, in LA. She had her sexy back to the camera all the time because she did not want her photos to be splashed all over the place. Jennifer was on her way to visit her friend. Recently, John Mayer was at a concert without her. He cracked some jokes about making out and cheating on Jennifer. Later, when she heard about it, she was not amused by his humor.

Jennifer Aniston