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January 13, 2014
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Katy Perry Kicked My Ass

Katy Perry kicked my ass the night before last. I’ve worked a long, hard night tearing down the store I was managing over Christmas and then – boom! Out of nowhere, there’s Katy Perry and she’s enraged. I can’t remember what I said or did to make her angry but boy, was she angry. Her fists were flying, her boobs were bouncing and those eyes – I saw murder in those eyes. Then I woke up, confused and shaken. Now here I am all these days later, looking at these photos and that ass kicking is all I can think about so thank you, subconscious brain. Thanks so much for ruining Katy Perry for me. I hope you’re happy.

December 28, 2013

Katy Perry Shows Off Her Panties – No One Is Surprised

I’m just gonna be blunt. I love Katy Perry and in my eyes, she can do no wrong. She could hop up on stage, strip completely naked and cover herself in mustard and I wouldn’t say a word about the whole thing being a publicity stunt. There are few women in the entertainment industry I give a pass in that department but Katy is definitely one of them. Why? I have no idea. Something about the woman just gets me. In these shots, we see Katy performing on Rise at the Sydney Opera House and yeah, her outfit is a little “look at me” for my usual taste but Katy is a “look at me” kind of woman so it works.

January 18, 2013
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Katy Perry And John Mayer At Rite Aid

So these photos of Katy Perry and new boyfriend, John Mayer, were snapped at a Rite Aid Pharmacy in Santa Barbara. Yes, this is what Katy Perry wears to Rite Aid. I’m okay with that. I think she looks incredible. I love the hair, the sun glasses – the whole look. I know John Mayer has a bit of a reputation for being a womanizer but if there’s anyone out there that can tame a guy like John, it’s a girl like Katy. I’m a big fan of both of these people as musicians and think they both get a lot of unnecessary hate. While I’m normally pretty skeptical about Hollywood romances, I hope this one works out. I’d love to see these two make it in the long run.

August 15, 2012

Katy Perry And Her Bare Butt In San Dimas

I really want to feel bad for Katy Perry and her major wardrobe malfunction here but I can’t stop giggling. I’m sure she would understand. I feel her pain. I really do. Nearly the exact thing that happened to Katy in these photos from San Dimas happened to me a few years back at the beach. I was climbing up onto some rocks to dive in the water and then my butt was hanging out for the whole beach to see. Horribly embarrassing but it differs from Katy’s experience because my little oopsie moment happened in front of a handful of people. The only people that saw my rear were the people who were on the beach. Katy’s bare button is all over the internet now. I somehow doubt she cares in the least.

February 14, 2012

Rihanna And Katy Perry At The Grammy Awards 2012

For a long time, it seemed Rihanna and Katy Perry were the best of friends but then something changed. Rihanna didn’t attend Katy’s India wedding to Russell Brand and the two weren’t seen together for quite some time. If these pictures from the 54th Annual Grammy Awards are any indication though, rumors of their friendship ending were greatly exaggerated. Rihanna is, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful women in the music industry today with Katy Perry right along side her. I love that Katy stuck to her unique sense of style with the crimped blue hair but also that she wore a lovely dress a little less radical than what she often wears. Rihanna took an entirely different route keeping things surprisingly simple but incredibly classy. Both ladies look absolutely beautiful. I’m glad to see them together again.

September 19, 2011
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Katy Perry In Maxim Photoshoot

I know Katy Perry is a touchy subject for some of this site’s regular visitors. Some of you love her and some of you hate her. I fell under the first category. I would have babies with Katy Perry. The fact that I also have a serious crush on her husband, Russell Brand, doesn’t hurt in the least. Posing for Maxim again, Katy shows off all of the things that make her so appealing – her killer body, her doll face and a little bit of that feisty personality that I love so much. She is no shrinking violet. There are so many different Katy’s – the sexy girl next door Katy, the adorable but alluring Katy, the bizarre look at me Katy and the take charge, ass kicking Katy – that she is always interesting. You never know which Katy will appear when you see photos of her and I love that more than anything else. This is a girl that loves to have fun and isn’t afraid to have a little fun with how the public perceives her. Gutsy and bold, Katy is the girl I wish I could be.