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May 6, 2009

Kelly Ripa Black Bikini Photos

Spotted while having fun in Miami, Kelly Ripa seems like showing off her muscles. However, she still looks hot. The talk show host’s ass is still in good shape making her looks amazingly gorgeous in her black tiny bikini. Kelly may look skinny in these photos, but still I admire a lot her flat abs minus the muscles. Kelly can be into various controversies, but seeing her happy and contented with her lovely kids and handsome hubby, surely, she will still reign as one of the top and hottest talk show hosts of today and probably tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Kelly Ripa

May 5, 2009

Kelly Ripa In Her Red Bikini

Considering the age, Kelly Ripa does not belong already to those young ladies we have in Hollywood today. However, looking at her at a hotel poolside while having a vacation in Miami in her red hot two-piece bikini, Kelly is of no doubt still one of the hottest talk show hosts of today. This one hot momma got a super slim body and her abs is really nice. Vacationing with her presumably family, Kelly does not look like she is already a 38-year-old woman. Love her lovely healthy body indeed. Her flat tummy made me think if she had given birth once in her life. She is so damn sexy.

Kelly Ripa in a bikini

July 11, 2008

Kelly Ripa In High Heel-A-Thon

Kelly Ripa participated in the High-Heel-A-Thon to raise money for the March of Dimes. This was a charity that assisted to provide healthy pregnancies to women all over the world. Kelly showed how good she was in her 5 inch heels. It was a good thing that the race was only 150 yards. 500 women from 35 states went to New York’s Central Park for this event. The winner would bring home $25,000 while the rest have to grin and bear it.

Kelly Ripa