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November 9, 2011

Lady Gaga’s Ass And Some Other Gaga Pictures

You know, I really should’ve known. I saw pictures of Lady Gaga on the red carpet at the MTV European Music Awards in Belfast and thought she looked surprisingly normal. Her dress wasn’t really all that outrageous and she actually looked pretty hot. Then I opened these pictures to begin writing my post, saw Gaga’s caboose and some of the crazy hats she was wearing and breathed a sigh of relief. Clearly Gaga is still being Gaga. I love this woman. She knows how to push the envelope and while I think she goes too far sometimes (much of the time), I love the fact that she’s got the guts to go further than many other performers. Gaga excites me even if I’d still like to see her really shock us all and be completely normal just once.

July 7, 2009

Lady Gaga’s Amazing Cheeky Ass

Top performer and recording artist Lady Gaga looking hot as she arrive in London Hotel wearing a blonde wig, drawn eyebrows, nice pantyhose, and a black tiny panty or shall we call it a thong. Despite of all the eye-catching things she has, the most noticeable she got is her amazing cheeky ass that has been freely exposed in these photos. Lady Gaga is known for her extreme fashion style and this one she has in these photos is just another unique fashion sense she got right there. Despite of that noticeable fashion taste she got, it looks good at her as she always compliments it with some wigs, accessories and the like.

May 10, 2009

Lady Gaga Shows Off Her Ass

The Poker Face singer Lady Gaga looks like having another great and sexy pictorial while posing the cameras wearing her renowned sexy and unique outfits in San Diego. Looking like and astronaut, Lady Gaga keeps her style in wearing weird and unique costumes with her white corset and copper wires like headdress. The blue half-shouldered mini looks fabulous with Lady Gaga. However, the moment Lady Gaga shows off her ass, the pictorial session turns hot that everybody will surely love. With her sexy body, great voice and beautiful face, Lady Gaga still have more room for success in the music scene.

Lady Gaga

November 12, 2012

Brunette Lady Gaga And Her Tattoos On The Beach.

These photos could possibly be my favorite set of photos of Lady Gaga ever. They’re just so unexpected. I’ve long said that the only way Gaga could really still shock people after the meat dress, the weird egg thing and her cross dressing would be to wear something completely normal and that’s exactly what she’s done in these photos from Rio de Janeiro. If I didn’t know better, I’m not sure I’d even believe that was Mother Monster. The bikini is normal. The hair is normal. The sunglasses are normal. She looks just like the average girl on the beach and I absolutely love that. This is a woman who goes out of her way to stand out. It’s kind of nice to see her blending in. I’m also a big fan of the tattoos. I have a lot of tattoos myself so I guess I feel Gaga and I have that in common. I love these photos. She looks fantastic.

July 10, 2012

Lady Gaga Forgot Her Pants Again.

Man, I have to tell you, Lady Gaga must be getting up there in age because her mind really seems to be slipping. Here we see Gaga at LAX Airport in LA clearly having forgotten a very important part of her wardrobe – her pants. Or possibly her skirt. Boy, I bet she was embarrassed when she realized her mistake. I’m kidding of course. She clearly left her drawers in the closet on purpose because Gaga is just outrageous like that. Seriously though, I love Lady Gaga. I love her music. I love her message and I love her personality. I just wonder sometimes if the crazy get ups are necessary. I can see how they would’ve helped when she was just putting herself out there for the first time but now everyone knows her name. The grabs for attention just don’t seem worth it anymore. Then again, maybe she just wears outfits like the one she’s wearing here because they’re comfortable. I’m sure the tights and panties were more comfortable than what most people wear these days. Maybe she should just try a simple sarong instead though – super comfortable and a lot less trashy looking.

December 25, 2010
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Lady GaGa Isn’t Wearing Pants… Again

I’ve made my feelings for Lady Gaga pretty clear. I am totally pro Gaga, but I always tell the truth here. That’s kind of my job. That’s why this post hurts a little to write. Lady Gaga – put on some freaking pants! This boring, worn out, over played no pants thing is just so old now. We’ve seen it all before. We get it. You’re edgy. You’re out there. You have got to be freezing your damn ass off. It’s to the point now that I see a picture of you wearing something normal and I’m more shocked. You’re a talented singer and your songs are catchy as hell. You don’t need all of this anymore. At least, you don’t need to be replaying your own stunts. If you’re running out ideas, hit the town wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I promise you – that will make the news.

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