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November 2, 2011

More Sexy Upskirt Shots Of Pixie Lott

I recently wrote about a few nice upskirts of Pixie Lot at the Michael Forever Tribute Concert and now it seems I have more to write about. This is not a bad thing – not by a long shot. I love Pixie. She’s absolutely adorable and really knows how to give her fans what they want. I’m not sure what I find most appealing about her. There’s a lot to choose from. She’s really a beautiful girl but even when flashing her panties at the crowd, there’s something kind of wholesome about her. In a world of super sexualized pop stars, that’s kind of a refreshing change.

November 13, 2011

Sexy Jennifer Lopez Upskirt Shot

It really doesn’t matter how much time passes. Jennifer Lopez was one of the sexiest women in the business when she first hit the scene and she remains one of the sexiest women in the business to this day. Jennifer’s backside was teh hottest thing in Hollywood long before big butts were considered a good thing for a mainstream artist. I had a problem with Jennifer for many years because she gave off a diva sort of vibe but after watching her on “American Idol” I started to see her more clearly. She is who she needs to be to survive in a very tough industry. In these pictures from Argentina, we not only get a closer look at that famous backside but we also get to see Jennifer being who she is – a confident and classy babe who knows exactly what to wear to show off her body without looking trash. I love this woman.

September 7, 2011

Sexy Jeanette Biedermann Upskirt Pictures

One of the most successful German singers of this generation, Jeanette Biedermann has parlayed that success into a lucrative acting and television career; appearing as a judge on Germany’s “Star Search” and “Stars Auf Ice” and appearing on crime series “Tatort” and telenovela “Anna und die Liebe”. She’s clearly a gorgeous, talented woman who isn’t afraid to show off her lovely body. While I’m usually pretty hard on celebs for the upskirt shots, I can see how they could be difficult to avoid onstage, especially when wearing a short skirt or dress so I won’t give her a hard time about this one.

August 10, 2013
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Erin Heatherton Upskirt Shot In NYC

Poor Erin Heatherton. I know her pain. I have had this happen to me on no less than three occasions although usually, I’m wearing boycut panties (my favorite kind of panties) so my asscheek doesn’t wind up hanging out. I’m not sure if that’s a whole lot better though considering most of my panties have cutesy little patterns on them. In any event, wind aided upskirt shot aside, Erin looks great here in these shots that were snapped as she was out in NYC. If I’m being honest, I doubt Erin was bothered by the accident ass shot at all. I don’t imagine she lets such things get to her, considering a big part of her job is looking sexy and showing a lot of skin.

April 17, 2012
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Sexy Maria Fowler At The Beach

The last time I posted about Maria Fowler, I may have been just a little bit harsh. In retrospect, I could’ve voiced my opinion a little more gently but at the time … okay, no. I stand by what I said about those last pictures. Do you remember the ones? Maria flashing her panties at the paparazzi (this was no upskirt shot of her getting out of a car, it was a very intentional panty flash) and then practically passing out in the back seat of a car? They certainly didn’t cast Maria in the best light. I prefer these ones. Maria looks sexy but not slutty and that’s a pretty big deal to me. I like these photos of Maria. They’ve made me reevaluate my opinion of her entirely.

February 15, 2012

Sexy Helen Flanagan Flashes Some Serious Cleavage

I have to hand it to Helen Flanagan. While her time as Rosie on “Coronation Street” is coming to an end, she definitely knows how to leave a lasting impression. There aren’t many women out there that could make a dress this revealing look anything other than trashy but Helen manages to do exactly that. Sure she’s showing a lot of skin but she’s clearly being very careful not to show too much. In these pictures (taken in London), Helen manages to mostly avoid the all too common upskirt shots and I actually really appreciate that. See? It can be done! I like Helen. She’s beautiful, talented and can really be classy when she wants to be.

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