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June 13, 2010
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Halle Berry In Glorious Spandex

There aren’t many women in this world – or men for that matter – that can make spandex shorts and a ball cap look good but Halle Berry is definitely one of them. Halle oozes self confidence from every pore regardless of what she’s wearing. From a barely there bikini on the beach to gym wear around town, Halle knows she is a babe and knows how to flaunt it. Halle Berry is one of the rare women in Hollywood who can pull off the sexy, alluring look without looking trashy. Always a classy lady and always a treat for the eyes.

August 15, 2009

Kristen Bell Gets Her Ass Dirty

While filming for her latest movie You Again in Los Angeles, Kristen Bell gets her nice and sexy ass dirty. The former Veronica Mars star looks like messes out with herself on the set and she must be having some fun as she wears some beautiful smile while filming, or this can be because of the movies genre. You Again is Disney’s new comedy movie. The black Nike spandex fairly displays her sporty figure. Fans of Kristen Bell will surely be happy to hear that aside from You Again, the actress will also be starring in movies Couples Retreat and When In Rome.

Kristen Bell

October 13, 2009
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Jennifer Love Hewitt After Workout In Encino

Jennifer Love Hewitt, the sexy Ghost Whisperer, was seen after her workout at the Sheila Kelley S Factor class for an hour session of pole dancing wearing a long sleeve LOVE t-shirt and black spandex pants. The thirty year old needed a boost after that exercise and chose a Pinkberry frozen yogurt topped with strawberries while shopping around Encino, California. Jennifer looks great no matter what she wears or what she might be doing. T-shirt, jeans, spandex, whatever, all look awesome.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

July 31, 2009
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Charlize Theron Is Sexy And Fit

Have you watched Æon Flux? Then you must know Charlize Theron as she is the lead star for the known film. In these photos, you will see the sexy and fit Charlize Theron heading to a gym with a friend in Hollywood. Wearing a white printed spandex and a gray legging, the honed and toned body and leg shape of Charlize are shown. Charlize has the full rights of wearing these outfits, as she has the nice ass and she is leggy as well. If you like to have a body like of Charlize’s, then you must dedicate a part of your time to the gym.

Charlize Theron

July 18, 2008
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Jodie Marsh Shows Bust And Cameltoes

Jodie Marsh arrived at Embassy nightclub in London for the OK magazine soiree, on July 16. She came pedaling her rickshaw that carried a load of her friends. Jodie wore a low cut, revealing silver colored tight top and equally tight black Spandex pants. Marsh looked like a heroine in a costume. Her surgically enhanced breasts were barely contained in her skimpy top. Her bust was a sight to behold and so was her bottom, where cameltoes were seen.

Jodie Marsh

April 1, 2008
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Lindsay Lohan Shops With Tight Buns

Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend Sam went shopping at Beachwood Market. Lindsay was feeling rather shy since giving her hair the makeover. A source said that Lindsay went back to blonde because her next movie required her to do so. Evidently, people still think blondes have more fun. They do when hey are helped by sexy clothes like tight leggings and short shirts. The Spandex type of tights must be keeping those legs in shape with toning aid.

Lindsay Lohan