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September 6, 2009
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The Sexy And Skinny Stephanie Pratt

While on the set of The Hills, Stephanie Pratt and Kristin Cavallari are having so much fun as they splash to the cool and clear waters in Malibu. While filming a scene for their reality TV The Hills, Pratt seemed filming her own show as well, as she catches the Malibu crowd’s attention with her pink and white bikini that made her look a little bit skinny yet super sexy. Stephanie did some water rafting and was in all smiles as she race back to shore. Stephanie’s long legs surely catch every man’s eyes that surely did some girl watching in Malibu Beach.

Stephanie Pratt

June 13, 2013

Karina Jelinek Shows Off Her Fantastic Ass In Miami

Sexy Argentinian model, Karina Jelinek, really knows how to rock a bikini, doesn’t she? These photos snapped of Karina in Miami are some of the hotter bikini photos I’ve written about in the last little while and much of that is due to the fact that Karina really does have an incredible bikini body. I have no problem with super skinny girls as long as they look healthy but there’s definitely something to be said for a girl that can fill out a bikini. Karina  is by no means a chunky girl but she is definitely curvy in all the right places. These photos are smoking hot. I’m not familiar with a lot of Karina’s work but after seeing these photos, I want to correct that. Immediately.

June 7, 2013
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Is Nicole Richie Looking Too Thin Again?

I’m not normally the kind of person that says someone is too curvy or someone is too thin but I worry about Nicole Richie. I always have. When she went through her super skinny period a few years back, I couldn’t help thinking there was something terribly wrong because, yes, there is such a thing as ‘too skinny’. She looked nearly skeletal back then and I was worried about her health. She sought treatment and seemed to be looking healthier and happier for a long time. She got past all the drama and hoopla of her drama days – the DUI arrests, the very brief stay in jail etc – and seemed so much smarter for it. When I look at these photos from the Fashion Awards in NYC, my mind travels back to those days. She doesn’t look unhealthy … yet. I just worry that things could be headed that way again. That’s me. Mother Hen to people I don’t even know. This is what happens when you spend way too much time writing about celebrities and not nearly enough time with your own friends and family members.

May 21, 2012
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Nicole Trunfio Is Astoundingly Sexy

I absolutely adore Nicole Trunfio. The woman is so incredibly beautiful. I’ve seen her work with a lot of different designers and a lot of big names but she hasn’t quite become a household name yet. I think that will change and I wouldn’t be surprised if it changed soon. Here in Malibu, Nicole shows off all of the things that make her one of my favorite models. Her body is incredible but she isn’t too super skinny. She has beautiful hair and a beautiful face to match. She doesn’t seem hung up on looking picture perfect every minute of every day and I find that incredibly appealing as well. I love these photos and I can’t wait to see this girl really break out and become the next big thing in the modeling world.

May 14, 2011

Kim Kardashian Has A Fun Day At The Beach

Kim Kardashian looks hot. Does that come as a surprise to anyone? Well, I have to admit, it’s a bit of a surprise to me. I haven’t seen her looking this awesome in a long time, and I think that’s because she looks like she’s having such a good time. Here in Mexico, Kim looks like she’s having a great time at the beach with her man and I like that. Kim looks incredible. She’s clearly lost weight, but not so much that she’s also lost her curves and I definitely appreciate that. The real appeal of Kim for me has always been that she’s not super skinny. She looks like a real woman. I’m not her biggest fan, but I would definitely say she’s one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood today.

May 11, 2011

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Fat?

No! Jennifer Love Hewitt is not fat, people! Come on! Leave the poor girl alone. Do you know why we have super skinny models and anorexic actresses that look more lollipop than woman? Because people like Jennifer Love Hewitt are called fat in this ridiculous industry. J-love definitely has a little extra weight, but what in the world is wrong with that? She’s sexy. She’s confident and, more importantly, she has a real woman’s body. Real women have boobs and curves. You can’t put your hand around a real woman’s waist and touch fingers on the other side. Here in Toluca Lake, Jennifer is stunning in a simple black dress with a cinched waist, but you just know some tool is going to say she’s getting fat. Ugh. Now I’m angry.

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