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February 13, 2012

Kelly Brook Camel Toe Pic

Now, I’m sure you all know by now that I have a serious soft spot for Kelly Brook. When I saw her name on my list of assignments for today, I was excited. I opened the post and looked at the pictures. I had one thought. Why is she not wearing pants? I have had nightmares like this. You know the one. You’re out and about somewhere and suddenly realize *gasp!* you’ve forgotten your pants! I get that this is sort of the style now but with the rest of her outfit, the stretch pants (tights? leggings?) just don’t look right. Heavy sweater? Check. Winter jacket? Check. Winter boots (very cute ones, I might add)? Check. Pants? Oops! The poor girl looks like she’s freezing! Regardless, I have to say I do like the way she looks in these pictures (taken in London) despite the questionable bottoms. She is a lovely woman and hey – who doesn’t make questionable fashion choices from time to time.

June 29, 2011

Christina Aguilera Camel Toe Pics

I already know the comments that are coming on these pictures. Christina Aguilera’s fat. She needs to lose weight – blah, blah, blah. I don’t care. I don’t care how many pictures of her come out where she looks chubby or drunk off her ass. I love Christina and I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. Besides, looking back at some of music’s truly great vocalists, most of them haven’t been on the lower side of the scale and Christina is truly a great vocalist. While I’m not crazy over ‘Bionic’ her voice is still just as strong and powerful as ever and as long as that remains true, I will remain a fan.

May 13, 2011

Ashley Tisdale Camel Toe Pictures

I don’t like to hate on Ashley Tisdale. Of the Disney stars, Ashley is one of my favorites. Considering my feelings on the other Disney stars though, that’s not really saying much. What I like about Ashley is that she has her own sort of confident style. She doesn’t look like she’s always trying to wear the latest fashions, and that’s appealing to me. Here in Studio City, Ashley looks cute and mostly comfortable apart from the camel toe. I remember thinking she was going to have a hard time in Hollywood after she got her nose job at such a young age but, call me naive, I think it was primarily a medical procedure. Okay, so I don’t, but I like the girl, so I’m not going to give her a hard time about what she did so long ago.

May 4, 2013

Epic Taylor Swift Cameltoe

Oh dear – poor Taylor Swift. That’s just embarrassing, isn’t it? I have to be honest. I hate writing about photos like these ones. If I were the photographer that snapped some of these Taylor Swift cameltoe photos, I’d just quietly delete them off my camera and move on. At the same time, I know people want to see that sort of thing so I am here writing about them anyway. Okay, the cameltoe has been acknowledged. Time to talk about … well, anything else. Basically, these photos were shot at the Tracy Anderson gym in Studio City while Taylor was leaving. I have to say, for someone that just finished a workout, Taylor’s looking pretty freaking awesome.

September 2, 2009
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Cameltoe Pics Of Hayden Panettiere

Jogging with some hunks around Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills, the Heroes star Hayden Panettiere looking fit enough on her black spandex and pink tight compression short that shows the cute cameltoe of the actress. It seems like Hayden wants to be little bit sexier by doing some exercises like this wonderful jogging moments that she did. For all those fans of Hayden, the wait is almost over already because the fourth season of the Heroes will already be aired on September 21 at 8PM ET/PM on NBC. This airing will be a two-hour special, which features episodes Orientation and Jump, Push Fall.

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere

August 14, 2009
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Cameltoe Pictures Of Rebecca Romijn

The X-Men star Rebecca Romijn was spotted leaving her presumably home wearing an all black outfit of blouse and leggings that gives the paparazzi a great chance to take some cameltoe pictures of her. Oh my! She must have worn a longer blouse or shirt to keep her free from the eyes of these cameltoe big fans all around her. This girl has already been rarely seen on the big screen lately and if you are a big fan of Mystique, she will soon star in a television series Eastwick as Roxanne Torcoletti alongside with Lindsay Price her former Pepper Dennis co-star.

Rebecca Romijn