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August 29, 2012

Bai Ling Is Still An Attention Whore.

I hate celebrities that are famous just for being famous. I hate celebrities that take every opportunity to sell themselves to the public, even at the cost of their own dignity. Super revealing outfits in completely inappropriate locations, playing up their accomplishments for the cameras, becoming a fixture on the party scene just to get their names in the headlines – these things all bug me and yet I still like Bai Ling. First, there is one distinction between Bai Ling and many of the “celebrities” she’s often lumped in with. Bai has actually had a few fairly noteworthy roles in movies and on television. I loved her on “Lost” and I thought she was great in her brief appearance in “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”. Granted, most people know her for being the crazy outfit wearing, chicken dancing girl often photographed outside Hollywood’s most famous hot spots but at least she’s at least tried breaking into the business in a legitimate way. Here in Hawaii, Bai is pouting and posing her way through these photos and I think she looks fantastic. She might be an attention whore but I love her anyway.

December 8, 2009

Bai Ling Totally Sexy In Public

You can’t even begin to imagine what was so hot at the Movie Meets Media Event in Hamburg. Well Bai Ling totally stole the show with her brilliantly bold outfit. If you aren’t into fashion and didn’t understand what this attire was all about, it’s alright, you can be forgiven. Her really modern emo cum fashionista outlook certainly creates a storm. The pink negligee creates a stir, and you can’t miss the fur on top. On closer look, there’s really just the fur to see, and what’s beyond it. This daring do not only gets tongues wagging but is a show stealer, you just have to keep watching nad you won’t miss a thing.

Bai Ling

December 10, 2008
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Bai Ling Shows Legs

Bai Ling attended a red carpet function, called the “Movie Meets Media” event, in Hamburg, Germany. Bai Ling wore a lacy top that barely covered her bottom and she had an overlaying long skirt which was like an apron, with slits down the sides and showed off both legs. Bai Ling was pleased to show off her best assets balanced on stilettos that towered over many other guests at “Movie Meets Media.” Let’s hope her fur stole was faux fur or else Peta would be sounding her off on that.

Bai Ling

June 15, 2008

Bai Ling’s Personal Photos

Bai Ling shared these personal photos. She showed off her slim and beautiful body. She was a good model and could wear any clothes with aplomb. This year, she has many movies in the works and a couple more may drop in her lap. We can expect to see her in The Hustle, A Beautiful Life, Razor, Chain Letter, Crank 2, and The Gauntlet. Some things are in her way and one day, if her time comes, she will get a better listing in Hollywood.

Bai Ling

May 6, 2008
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Bai Ling & Pink Kayaking In Bikinis

Bai Ling & Pink went paddling in their kayak. That was good exercise and workout for the camera. Pink looked well toned in her sexy bikini. Bai Ling looked her usual skinny self. Recently, she was voted as the winner of the “Fug Madness 2008.” This title was given for the worst dressed celebrity. The website that counted the votes had about 1 million votes in 10 days. So Bai Ling won the title.

Bai Ling

August 18, 2012

Candace Bailey Looks Gorgeous.

I usually try to think up a snappy title for these posts but in honor of Candace Bailey, I decided to keep it simple. Why? Because that’s what Candace has chosen to do in these photos. Her bikini isn’t especially revealing and the blue and white stripped pattern is far from bold but that’s really what I like about it. It doesn’t look like Candace was dressing to grab attention here. It looks like she was dressing to be comfortable and that’s not something I’m used to seeing. She looks fabulous, of course, but her low key style actually makes her stand out more. I haven’t yet seen Candace in her new gig as co-host of “Attack of the Show” but I remember her from “Jericho”, a show I loved dearly and miss terribly. After “Jericho” (unfairly) got the ax, Candace worked as a waitress and a babysitter, making her more appreciative of the opportunities she had as an actress. It really shows. She seems to be so grounded. Love this woman. I hope there are big, big things in her future.