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April 13, 2014
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Imogen Thomas And Her Near Overflowing Boobs

Ah feck. Here we are again and I’m once again whining about a girl I usually love. Is the world less sexy these days? Is that’s what’s happening here? I dunno, ladies and gentlemen. Perhaps I’m just off my game or perhaps this really is an underwhelming set of Imogen Thomas shots. Her cans look great and all and it looks like she’s enjoying herself but I usually find her drop dead gorgeous and in these shots… well, not so much. She certainly isn’t unattractive but I don’t find her quite as attractive as I’d normally find her. So there’s that. Do what you will with it.

January 20, 2014
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Alessandra Ambrosio Shows Off Some Side Boob

Alessandra Ambrosio has always been one of my favorite models and after seeing these shots, I can honestly say I don’t expect that to change any time soon. There is just something so different about Alessandra. I just can’t quite put my finger on what that something is. I guess it’s just one of those things – the undefinable quality certain people have. Of course, it could also be her smoking hot beauty, her beautiful face, her ease in front of the camera or all of the above combined. Maybe it’s not quite the mystery I thought it was. Regardless, these photos are spectacular. That’s all that matters in the end.

December 21, 2013
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Jessica Simpson With Her Boobs Pushed Up To Her Chin

I always wonder why women choose to push their boobs up so unnaturally high when they want to look good.  I know this is only my opinion and it’s likely one not shared by many of you people out there in cyber space but I don’t think the jacked up boob look works for, well, any woman. I’m normally a big fan of Jessica Simpson’s looks but … not so much here. She just looks uncomfortable in her skintight, low-cut dress in these shots of her night out in Los Angeles. At least she looks good aside from the chin rest boobs.

October 24, 2013
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Paris Hilton Almost Lets Her Boobs Flop Out At The Pumpkin Patch

Say what you want about Paris Hilton but I have to give her serious credit for not going for the cliche “pumpkins for boobs” pose. It’s not like Paris to pass up an obvious opportunity to get her picture in magazines so I have to give her credit when she does. Of course, she may not have wanted to cover up her own sweater puppies as they are by far the best thing (best things?) about these shots. Don’t get me wrong. Paris looks great in these shots and I’m really liking the dress but the cleavage is clearly the star of the show here. Great photos. It’s nice to see Paris still out and about. This also, however, serves as a reminder that soon – very soon, in fact – Halloween will be here and we’ll all be treated to pictures of various Hollywood starlets in the trashiest Halloween costumes possible. The two I’m looking most forward to? The lady in these photos, of course, and Heidi Klum. These ladies always bring it big time.

August 8, 2013
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Selena Gomez Boobs And The Different Faces Discount

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August 2, 2013
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Miranda Kerr Shows Off Some Boob In Tokyo

So I recently read this interview with Miranda Kerr in which she talks about her husband, Orlando Bloom, and his foot fetish. I will never really understand that. I mean, yes, Miranda Kerr has lovely feet but the rest of her is so very hot, I can’t imagine focusing on such a tiny detail. I suppose that’s because I don’t have a foot fetish. I don’t know what I can really say about these shots of Miranda Kerr in Tokyo. She looks just as sexy as one would expect. I love the dress. I love the hair. I love the makeup. I just love the woman. Sometimes it really is that simple.