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November 28, 2007

Paris Hilton In Her Underwear

And speaking of women walking around in their underwear…were we even? Who knows, well, the boys were at some point I am sure so let’s just leave it at that. Here we have Paris Hilton doing just that, on the streets of L.A. no less just yesterday. Someone needs to tell the sweet thing that pairing opaque tights with a lace slip doesn’t make it any less a lace slip. Not to mention that if you are going to wear a slip, AS YOUR OUTFIT I mean, then work on concealing the underthings a little bit more. Yes, we see London, Paris, France, and the girl’s underpants, and honestly, the too much information alert is going NUTS about now. The bag is pretty though, good thing it’s bigger than the outfit, it does work to make the whole ensemble only slightly less distasteful.

Paris Hilton Lingerie

November 5, 2007

Maria Sharapova Is Beautiful

Maria Sharapova stood in a beautiful pose that reminded us of Marilyn Monroe. The breeze was blowing up her skirt and if it went any higher, there would have been an upskirt photo. Maria is the perfect driver and companion to this golden-honey colored Landrover.
Her satin dress looked like a sexy number that said she was ready for an intimate experience… with the Landrover, of course.

Maria Sharapova

November 1, 2007
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Katie Jordan Price Shows Her Crotch

Jordan aka Katie Price was the perfect picture of elegance and glamour. She had a classy hairdo and ultra cool shimmery dress. Everybody expected the diva treatment from her until… her pink undies showed! That sure spoilt everything.
Jordan is still the sweet girl underneath her hot party chick exterior. Her candy pink panty said so!

Katie Jordan Price Upskirt

October 28, 2007
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Sailor Paris

Well, blow me down! Although she would probably most likely look like Olive, Paris Hilton showed up for a Halloween party dressed up as the female version of Popeye. Too bad the former jailbird already knew how to alight a vehicle – there were no traces of upskirt or underwear teasin’ this time! Good thing she has those two nice anchors.

Doctor Paris Hilton