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June 5, 2012

Katherine Jenkins Bare Bum Upskirt Shots On Good Morning America.

Good Morning America, indeed! Now, I love Katherine Jenkins. She has a stunningly beautiful voice and tons of talent and I loved her stint on “Dancing with the Stars” but, um, maybe this particular dress wasn’t the best choice for dancing on national television – especially first thing in the morning. While I’m quite certain she was wearing underwear, you really can’t tell in a few of those photos. I’m not exactly complaining. I’m just wondering if Katherine knew she was going to be flashing her bare bum on morning television. I’m guessing no but I guess it’s possible. Either way, she looks adorable – bared butt and all.

May 1, 2012
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Kirsten Dunst Upskirt Crotch Shots

Seriously, Kirsten Dunst? Flashing your box outside of the Box in London? That seems a little cliche. Anyway, here’s Kirsten looking her usually classy self. Here’s the deal – I love, love, love Kirsten Dunst and I keep rooting for her to make a big time come back but it’s looking less and less likely that is going to happen. Kirsten needs to get her self together. She looks bombed in these pictures. I could be wrong though. Maybe she’s just sleeping. Maybe she has a cold or the flu. I still have my fingers crossed for her. Aside from the apparent intoxication she looks pretty good in these pictures.

April 6, 2012

Christina Milian Upskirt Pics

I’m a big Christina Milian fan so I’m not going to say a whole lot about these upskirt pics. When I first started writing for this site, I really thought upskirt shots like these ones were desperate grabs for attention but as time has passed and I’ve seen more and more pictures like these ones, my attitude has changed. I really don’t think a lady can help the occasional panty flash, especially when the paparazzi are always ready and waiting to pounce. Upskirt pics aside, I think Christina looks beautiful as she’s leaving SUR Bar Lounge in West Hollywood. The whole outfit is adorable and so is Christina. I love this lady.

March 6, 2012

Extreme Upskirt Shots Of Imogen Thomas

Really? Imogen honey, hold your hem or something. In all honesty though, I feel Imogen Thomas’ pain here. I really do. I’ve worn a similar garment out in public on a windy day and had there been a photographer snapping pics of my every move the there was with Imogen, there would’ve been at least one extreme upskirt. Wind happens. I have to comment on one thing though – her underwear. I really, really like those panties although from the looks of them, it could possibly be bikini bottoms. Either way, I’m not sure if it’s a butterfly or an angel on the crotch but it’s cute. Regardless of the whole upskirt thing, I actually really like these photos. Imogen looks lovely and I like the relaxed feel of the pictures. She doesn’t seem to be terribly bothered by the cameras or the wind. I like that about her. She can just laugh it off. I’m not sure I could do the same.

February 24, 2012

Selena Gomez Upskirt Shots

Sometimes writing about celebrity pictures makes me feel a little bit sleazy considering some of the things I have to write about. Today is one of those days. It’s sometimes my job to write about the things the majority of the people who come to this site want to see and that means writing about Selena Gomez upskirt shots from time to time. To be honest, these ones really aren’t all that bad. She’s just a girl hanging out on the beach and at the angle she’s standing, that meant an upskirt shot or two when she bent over. I’ve seen worse. I like Selena a lot. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and seems to be able to avoid a lot of the common problems young stars in her position encounter. If upskirt shots like these ones are the most scandalous thing I have to write about with Selena then I’m cool with that.

February 14, 2012

Katie Price Upskirt Shots

I know upskirt shots are sleazy but people want to see them and in the case of Katie Price, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn she wants people to see them too. It’s not that I don’t like Katie Price. It’s more that I don’t like people like Katie Price – the people who seem willing to do absolutely anything to hang onto their fifteen minutes of fame, anything, of course, working hard to craft a talent. I do think Katie’s a pretty girl and I have never had a problem with plastic surgery or implants (although I do prefer natural), but she just strikes me as someone who’s a little too desperate for attention. Of course, I could be entirely wrong but I really don’t think I am.