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June 6, 2013
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Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Famous Ass In London

American Idol completely changed the way I see Jennifer Lopez. I used to see her as some sort of inhuman diva monster but after watching her as a judge on the famous singing competition, I saw her as someone far more down to earth than I’d ever imagined. I have always been a Lopez fan, even when I thought she was a crazy diva, but her time on the show really made me appreciate her in a different way. One thing I’ve never doubted about Lopez? Her incredible beauty. Her face, her body … her whole persona. Everything about Jennifer Lopez screams sexy to me. I think these shots from her concert in London really back that up. I’m not a fan of every single song Jennifer has recorded but I have to admit, I’d absolutely love to see her live. I think she’d put on one heck of a show and she’d look fantastic as she did it.

July 5, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Still Has An Ass That Won’t Quit.

Even after all these years, Jennifer Lopez still has one of the finest backsides in the business and she still isn’t shy about showing it off. In these photos from Soñando por Bailar, Argentina, Jennifer looks fabulous. Her dress compliments her finest physical features beautifully – most of all that fine rear end she’s so famous for. It looks like that hasn’t gone unnoticed. If I were to ever meet the lovely Miss. Lopez, I may have to bow down as well. It’s kind of amazing how much something like “American Idol” can impact a person’s career and reputation. Before Idol, Lopez was seen as a diva. Now she has a much more positive image. My mind is among the minds that were changed. I love this women. I hope she changes her mind and comes back for another season.

June 30, 2013
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Jennifer Lopez Gets Her Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

When it was announced that Jennifer Lopez would be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there were a select group of people out there that said she didn’t deserve the honor. I fail to see how anyone could believe that. Whether you like Jennifer as an actress/musician or not, it’s hard to argue with what she’s accomplished. She’s one of the few big name actresses that successfully launched a music career and she’s worked hard to maintain both her music and her film career. I have to give her serious credit for that. I think this honor was well deserved. In these photos, we see Jennifer as she unveils her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and she looks incredible. She chose the perfect outfit for the occasion. It’s classy but it’s still sexy. Great photos of a beautiful woman.

June 13, 2013

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Legs In West Hollywood

Ah, Lady Lopez – how gorgeous is she? Absolutely stunning, I saw. This is a woman who just doesn’t age. Well, that isn’t entirely true. If you look at old photos of her, you can clearly see she’s aged but in the best possible way. I dare say Jennifer is sexier now than she was back then. In these photos, taken in West Hollywood, Jennifer is looking every bit the proper diva. She’s got the glasses on, the hair and makeup done and all of the rest and she looks fabulous. I want to be Jennifer’s best friend. Who do I talk to about making that happen?

January 5, 2013

Jennifer Lopez Plays A Little Football.

Okay, I can’t possibly explain why but for some reason, these photos of Jennifer Lopez all dressed up in football gear are some of the sexiest photos I’ve ever seen of this woman. Ever. I mean that. She isn’t showing a whole lot of skin but those legs and that ass? Please. I think I like them so much because they’re so fun and playful. Jennifer looks like she’s having such a great time. Sometimes I worry that Jennifer takes herself too seriously. That’s not the case in these photos. She’s just a girl having a good time and looking hot while she goes it. Hard to hate on that. I love her smile in these photos. It’s such a real, genuine smile. She had a tough year. I really hope this one is much, much better for her.