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January 29, 2013
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Myleene Klass Camel Toe?

Yeah, I’m not very good at identifying camel toes but I’d have to say I’m quite certain I’m seeing one in a few of these shots of Myleene Klass from Barbados. I don’t really think camel toes are all that attractive but I can see why guys are interested in them so I guess I’ll just let the guys decide whether or not that’s actually what’s going on in these photos. Camel toe or not though, I think Myleene looks incredible here. She has a killer body and knows how to rock a bikini like nobody’s business. I love the fact that she always looks like she’s having such a good time in candid shots like these ones. This model/singer/pianist is talented, beautiful and isn’t afraid to have a good time. Absolute perfect, to me anyway.

October 13, 2011

Sexy Ass Shots Of Melissa Satta In Spain

Every time I see pictures of Melissa Satta I fall a little more in love with her. Absolutely beautiful. Amazing, even. Of course her body is ridiculous and that ass of hers is pretty close to perfect. Of course she has a beautiful face and hair that women everywhere pay good money for. What I love most about Melissa, however, is that she looks like a normal girl just hanging out on the beach with her family. That appeals to me. She doesn’t seem all hung up on being famous or looking perfect. I suppose the whole looking perfect thing just comes naturally to her. Here in Formentera, Spain we get to see more of Melissa’s classic beauty and I’m thrilled for that chance. This girl is, quite simply, flawless.

February 2, 2014
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Melita Toniolo And Some Sunflowers

Yeah, I dunno. These photos of Melita Toniolo are hot and everything and feature one of my favorite things – a hot chick in denim shorts – but for some reason, I’m not really feeling these shots as much as I imagined I would. The first photo is supposed to be cute and playful, I assume, but it misses the mark for me. It looks a bit to me like she’s trying too hard to look like she’s having a good time. Still, minor complains aside, this is a pretty sexy photo shoot that has that casual, fun vibe I find so appealing. Kind of hit or miss for me, I suppose but mostly hit for what it’s worth.

October 22, 2013
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Serinda Swan Shows Off Her Body But Stays Classy

Serinda Swan is definitely one of my favorite young ladies working in the entertainment industry today. She’s beautiful, talented and doesn’t seem to be letting the spotlight go to her head. The outfit she’s chosen for this red carpet event is perfect, in my opinion. It shows off her body and makes her look extremely sexy but it’s still classy and formal. Sometimes young performers miss the mark in the classy department in an attempt to get noticed but Serinda doesn’t seem to fall victim to that. Lovely young lady. I can’t wait to see more of her.