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April 12, 2013
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Claudia Romani Hula Hoops In A Bikini

Ah, Claudia Romani – so sexy, so fun, so flawless in a bikini. I absolutely love this babe. I love everything about her. She’s got a killer body, a pretty face and a killer smile. She also has that confident but not conceited vibe about her that I find so appealing. I think these may be my favorite Claudia Romani bikini pics to date which is really saying something considering some of the competition they’re up against but the hula hoop really wins me over. It just looks like she’s having so much fun. She isn’t taking herself too seriously and is instead having a good time and I really find that appealing. She’s a beautiful woman and this is a great set of photos.

December 9, 2010

Kathy Griffin Supports The Troops

I’m sorry but seriously, there is nothing – nothing – sexy about Kathy Griffin. Nothing. I don’t care how nice her body is. Her voice makes me want to stab my own ears out. Her comedy relies on shock with very little humor. And her face. Good Lord, that face! Yeah, she has a hot body but no matter how hard I try to ignore her head and enjoy her body in there pictures from The USO Presents “Vh1 Divas Salute the Troops”, I can’t ignore the fact that I sincerely loathe this woman. I look at her flat tummy, her nice legs and her passable rack and all I can think is that those body parts would look so much better on someone who is less of a complete c-word. You know the word, I’m looking for there. I hate that word, but something the b-word just isn’t enough and with a creature as vile as Kathy Griffin, I’m not sure even the c-word is strong enough.

August 15, 2012

Katy Perry And Her Bare Butt In San Dimas

I really want to feel bad for Katy Perry and her major wardrobe malfunction here but I can’t stop giggling. I’m sure she would understand. I feel her pain. I really do. Nearly the exact thing that happened to Katy in these photos from San Dimas happened to me a few years back at the beach. I was climbing up onto some rocks to dive in the water and then my butt was hanging out for the whole beach to see. Horribly embarrassing but it differs from Katy’s experience because my little oopsie moment happened in front of a handful of people. The only people that saw my rear were the people who were on the beach. Katy’s bare button is all over the internet now. I somehow doubt she cares in the least.